10 tips to save energy at home

10 tips to save energy at home

Saving energy is not only a matter of economic necessity, but also of ecological responsibility. Here are some simple tips that will undoubtedly help you spend less and sleep more peacefully when we hear about global warming.

Save energy at home

1- To begin with, make sure that the electrical installation of your house has a grounding rod, otherwise ask them to install it. By the way, check that there are no leaks, for them turn off all the lamps and disconnect all the electrical appliances. If the meter disc continues to rotate despite this, you have a leak and you should seek help from a competent electrician.

2- Place the refrigerator (or freezer) away from heat sources and with enough ventilation for the condenser grille. If possible, buy it with state-of-the-art insulation and high-performance components that do not use chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or other gases that are harmful to the ozone layer. Avoid opening the door frequently and make sure it seals tightly.

3- When you buy an electrical appliance, ask to be informed about its water and electricity consumption . Choose the one that requires less.

4- If you can opt for a heating and water heating system , remember that the most efficient alternatives are solar energy and gas; while the least profitable is the electric one.

5- If youhouse is too cold or too hot , consider if it is not preferable to insulate it than to connect an expensive air conditioning system.

6- Do not use the television as a radio , turn it off when you are doing other activities that do not allow you to watch it.

7- Create in your family the habit of turning off lights and appliances that are not being used at that time.

8- Replace incandescent lamps with lower consumption lights . The purchase price is higher, but in 2 years you will have amortized the investment, since they spend 80% less and last 8 times longer.

9- Take advantage of natural lightthat enters through the windows and doors of your home or business. Do not paper the windows or place dark curtains if you are going to need more artificial light later. Use light colors to decorate because they spread the light.

10- Use energy-saving lamps on work or study tables. Eliminate indirect lights as they represent a large consumption as they have to be of greater power. Keep lamps and light bulbs clean as dust reduces their lighting capacity

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