Savings Unleashed: 12 Genius Hacks to to Turbocharged Savings

Everyone likes to save a couple of dollars, but frugal people are worried some essentially money-saving tips are about to be ruined due to overuse! Recently, tons of savvy shoppers met in an online discussion to reveal excellent tips that they use daily – even though they’re scared other people may abuse them.

Thrift Store Shopping

Woman shopping at thrift store
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Many frugal people admit they’re worried thrift stores are slowly catching on to the value proposition they bring to the industry. As more people turn to thrift stores to find once-in-a-lifetime finds at shockingly low prices, these finds will be less frequent! It’s simple supply and demand.

Eating Sardines

Woman baking sardines
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One man swears by the value proposition offered by canned sardines, and well, who am I to argue with this kind of unhinged enthusiasm? “Sardines are a powerhouse meal loaded with omega 3-6 DHA, protein, bone marrow, fish oil, and low mercury levels,” reveals one man. “They’re good for the heart and only $1.20 a can, so get them and eat them while you can!” Sure, that’s all well and good, but how do they taste?

Restoring Old Furniture

Man fixing furniture
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Not only is restoring old, worn furniture and giving them new leases on life one of the savviest frugal methods, but people are also concerned that money-hungry individuals will ruin it for everyone.

Take one look at your local Facebook Marketplace; you’ll find tons of restored furniture listed at high markups from people who aren’t frugal but would instead make a lot of money under the guise of being frugal.

Shopping at ALDI Grocery Stores

People at the entrance of ALDI Grocery store.
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Some stores sneak under the average person’s radar, leaving frugal people to reap the benefits. ALDI is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

“I just recently started shopping for my groceries there and spend nearly half than what I would at my regular grocery store,” one woman confesses. “I know many people shop there, but now I’m hoping it doesn’t become flooded with so many people they jack up their prices.”

Taking Advantage of Estate Sales

Couples buying house from real estate agent
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Rummaging through an estate sale for fabulous finds has been one of the best-kept secrets of the frugal community for years. But, unfortunately, more people are catching on, making estate sales as ubiquitous as garage sales these days! But, regardless of their exploding popularity, estate sales are still a safe bet for timeless finds – for now.

Military Surplus Thrifting

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Times are changing, and finding a great deal at your local military surplus store doesn’t happen as often anymore – you have to dig a little deeper nowadays! “You used to be able to collect all sorts of gear from firearms, tents, clothes, helmets, backpacks, cases, tools, and knives for super cheap,” confesses one man.

“That’s almost all gone partly because of collectors and partly because of fewer things being surplused out. Although occasionally, there are still deals to be found.”

Utilizing Libraries

Woman in library
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For decades, public libraries have been an invaluable resource for frugal people. Unfortunately, despite offering free best-selling novels and current movies on DVD and Blu-Ray, there is a stigma about libraries from the general public’s standpoint. That’s quite alright with frugal people; they’re glad they have libraries all to themselves!

Eating at Costco

Clackamas, OR, USA - Jun 8, 2021: Shoppers enjoy their lunch in the distanced seating area at the Costco Store food court, as COVID cases continue to drop in Oregon.
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If anything ever happens to the fantastic food deals found at Costco, I will scream. I fully expect cheap hot dogs, chicken bakes, and pizza to be a part of my frugal life until the end of time. I hope nobody ruins this deal for everyone.

Buying Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken
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These chickens have been the best deals at warehouse clubs and supermarkets for years, but many fear the secret is out! “Right now, there are lineups in my warehouse club for them,” says one woman.

“We are talking about a Black Friday-sized lineup near the chicken case. If this continues, they will either raise the price or stop carrying them – or there will be a feeding frenzy, and they will have to keep the chickens locked up.”

Scouring the Clearance Aisle

Woman standing near dress stand to buy in clearance sale.
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The secret’s out: Taking advantage of clearance items at big box stores and supermarkets has been steadily increasing in popularity. “In the past, not too many people would even bother to look at a clearance sale in grocery stores or Walmart because of quality concerns, but lately, I’ve seen a heavy increase of many people taking advantage of clearance sales.”

Credit Card Rewards

Couples buying with credit card
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Logic says that credit card companies can only afford to reward customers for spending a lot of money if only a tiny segment of the population utilizes these programs.

So naturally, frugal people admit to fearing when too much of the population enrolls in credit card rewards programs. Consequently, credit card companies would theoretically realize it’s no longer an intelligent proposition business-wise.

Eating Spam

Juicy Spam
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This Hawaiian delicacy has been slowly increasing in price over the years. From its humble beginnings as a delicious and inexpensive meal for frugal people to becoming popular thanks to social media influencers, many admit they’re close to being unable to afford cans of Spam anymore! That’s quite sad.


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