Whispers of Joy: 12 Gentle Pleasures Disappearing From Sight

It’s remarkable how particular trends and objects can quietly slip away from our collective consciousness without us even noticing. From peculiar fads to once-iconic devices, these things leave behind a trail of forgotten memories. Here are 12 little things that quietly went away without society noticing.

Movie Trailers

Couples watching tv
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Do you remember the excitement of watching movie trailers? Of course, you don’t. Streaming platforms and trailers online have stolen the joy and made the experience of seeing previews in the theater less common or exciting.

It’s a shame because sneak peeks of upcoming blockbusters on the big screen were nothing but magical. If wishes were horses, we would bring back movie trailers on the big screen.

Traveler Checks

Man giving cheque
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Once upon a time, traveler’s checks were the go-to solution for jet setters. It was an effortless way to carry money during travel. However, credit cards and mobile banking have made traveler’s checks a thing of the past.

Nowadays, using a debit or credit card to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs while exploring new destinations is much easier. It is safe to say farewell to days of exchanging traveler’s checks for local currency.


Woman listening to ipod
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Our beloved iPods held our most coveted collections of songs; thinking of that library now brings so much nostalgia! Sadly, smartphones and music streaming services have slowly replaced iPods.

People don’t want a dedicated music player when they can do it all with their phones, making the iPod a relic of the past.

Facebook Poke Wars

Facebook in mobile
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Once upon a time, on Facebook, there was a playful feature called the “poke.” It was a way to get someone’s attention or engage in a light-hearted interaction. People would engage in poke wars, where they would continuously poke each other.

It was a simple and amusing way to connect with friends. However, as social media evolved, the poke gradually lost its charm. Nowadays, Facebook is filled with many other features and ways to interact.

Water Beds

Woman in bed
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In the realm of bedroom furnishings, water beds once reigned supreme. These unique mattresses filled with water provided a sense of luxury and comfort.

However, over time, water beds lost their popularity. Today, people prefer more traditional mattress options with advanced technologies for support and comfort.


Woman in mobile
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Remember when everyone had personalized ringtones for their phones? It was a way to showcase your favorite song or make a statement with a unique sound.

But with smartphones offering an array of default options and the prevalence of silent mode, the era of distinctive ringtones has quietly slipped away. Nowadays, most people opt for the standard ringtones or keep their phones on vibrate.


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Remember the bizarre trend of lying face down, stiff as a board, in random places and capturing it on camera? Well, planking quietly disappeared from our lives as swiftly as it arrived.

Once a viral sensation, it became a forgotten relic of the early 2010s. What are the chances of seeing people planking unless you’re at the gym?

Flash Mobs

Flash Mobs
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In the early 2000s, flash mobs took us by storm. People would gather in a public space, seemingly out of nowhere, to perform a synchronized dance or a spontaneous act.

These unexpected spectacles created moments of joy and surprise. Things can’t last forever; flash mobs faded into obscurity, leaving behind memories of joyful spontaneity that few still recall today.

Blackberry Phones

BlackBerry Phones
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Once hailed as the epitome of mobile communication, BlackBerry phones were the go-to devices for professionals and smartphone enthusiasts. Their iconic keyboards and email capabilities made them a status symbol.

However, the rise of touchscreen smartphones and their superior app ecosystems left BlackBerry in the dust. Today, the once-mighty BlackBerry has quietly retreated from the mobile market. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Palm Pilots

PalmOne Zire31
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Before smartphones ruled the world, the Palm Pilot was the ultimate handheld organizer. These pocket-sized devices allowed users to store contacts and play games.

Smartphones now have similar functionalities, rendering Palm Pilots useless. Who could have imagined that their reign as the kings of portable organization would ever end?

Telephone Books

Woman using Telephone Book.
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Once a staple of every household, the hefty telephone book was the ultimate directory for finding phone numbers and addresses.

In an era before widespread internet access, it served as a valuable resource. But recently, the trusty telephone book quietly slipped out of relevance, finding its place in our minds.

Panama Papers

Brand black Apple iPhone 6s with text Panama papers on the screen, with money, dollar. Chelyabinsk, Russia - April 14, 2016
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2016 Panama Papers rocked the world by unveiling a global web of offshore tax havens. The leaked documents exposed the murky underbelly of international finance.

However, public attention shifted as time passed, and the Panama Papers quietly receded from the headlines. This has left some wondering how much has changed behind closed doors. These things reminded us of the transient nature of trends and objects in our ever-evolving society. Do you remember them?

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