Journeys of Discovery: 12 Transformative Insights That Changed Lives

Most people look for ways to improve their lives with varying degrees of success. Luckily, in a recent online discussion, people revealed their best methods that changed their lives drastically for the better. Call these life hacks, tips, or common sense, but these little things are life-changing!

Stop Engaging With Random Internet Strangers

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It’s easy to get sucked into the toxic environment known as internet comment sections. Still, countless people confess that thanks to a bit of discipline, they stopped engaging with terrible people online. “Sometimes I’ll type out a comment for the catharsis and then just delete it and go on my way,” confesses one woman.

Moving Closer to Work

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A commute of an hour or longer is no way to live, and many people say they’ve switched jobs to reduce their commute. As a result, they feel more productive and happier — and love the money they’re saving on gas!

Do One Chore a Day

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Filling your day with a handful of easy-to-accomplish tasks goes a long way in nurturing positive mental health. “You would be amazed at how well getting something done, even if you hate it, can fight back against certain depressive mentalities, particularly the ones that convince you you’re useless or are a burden,” explains one man.

Focusing on the Whole Week, Not Just the Weekend

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Throw away the notion that you can only have fun on the weekend! It’s easy to have fun every day of the week — you must be creative and look for ways to make this happen. So even though everybody seems to be working for the weekend, that doesn’t have to apply to you!

Moved Away for a Fresh Start

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Sometimes, a change of scenery can work wonders for your happiness, especially if you’ve lived in the same town for an extended time. “I moved away from the state I grew up in. I didn’t know how unhappy I was,” admits one man. “I had gotten used to being miserable, and now that I’m in a better area, I’m a completely different person.”

Quit Abusing Substances

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Shocker: Once people stop inhaling poison into their bodies, they report being much happier and healthier. Imagine that!

Daily Exercise

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Although the benefits of daily exercise are extensive, it’s always shocking to find out how many people don’t exercise. Fortunately, most people who begin exercising report overwhelmingly positive physical and mental results. So, if you’re not exercising, what are you waiting for?

Appreciating Nature

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It’s always a good idea to slow down and appreciate what we have — and the constant beauty surrounding us all. “When I was told that I would lose my eyesight, it made me pay more attention to how beautiful the sky was,” explains one woman. “I can still see and enjoy watching the clouds on a level I can’t even explain.”

Laser Eye Surgery

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Although it’s prohibitively expensive for many people, countless people confess laser eye surgery is the best purchase they ever made! Many people who’ve undergone these procedures explain that the jump in visual clarity shocked them and improved their lives in a way they didn’t realize was possible.

Cutting Out Alcohol

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Cutting out alcohol is a life-changing experience in millions of people’s lives. “Quitting drinking is the best thing I’ve ever done for my mental and physical health, and it’s done nothing but improve my relationships. The last year and a half have been the best I’ve ever had.”

Working From Home

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Thanks to the pandemic, more people are working from home than ever before, and unsurprisingly, everyone loves it! From being able to work in comfy clothes to eating at your leisure to not having to drive to work, it’s a lifestyle change that many people swear by in 2023.

Focusing On Being More Positive

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In many cases, a focused effort on positivity goes a long way. Several men and women confess that as soon as they actively tried to be more positive in their daily lives, it soon became second nature. As a result, they became more positive and forward-looking members of society.

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