12 tricks to avoid having to iron clothes

12 tricks to avoid having to iron clothes

Iron? No, thanks. Love this task or hate it, there is no middle ground. Those who love it claim to relax by removing wrinkles and those who can’t with it hate being on their feet for so long, having to move their arms from one side to the other, being bored forever and sweating with all the heat it gives off. But both will be delighted to discover these 12 tricks to avoid having to iron clothes or, at least, they will make the task easier for you.

Tricks to avoid having to iron clothes

1 The quick and easy trick, but one that will cost you money, is to use an anti-wrinkle spray. You can find them in supermarkets and you just have to pour it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some are used on wet clothes, and for others, you’ll have to wait for them to dry.

2 You can also make your own anti-wrinkle liquid. You just need to mix a tablespoon of vinegar, a tablespoon of fabric softener and 400 ml of distilled water. Make sure you stir the mixture well so that there is a homogeneous liquid. Use a spray to spray it on your clean clothes and avoid stains.

3 If you want the clothes to come out less wrinkled, use a short program of the washing machine at a temperature between 30 and 40 degrees. As advice we tell you to use little detergent, unless the clothes are very dirty and add a touch of vinegar to your fabric softener.

4 When you put the clothes in the wash, make sure the shirts are buttoned and the zippers are closed because the clothes will tend to wrinkle less.

5 As soon as the washing machine is done, hang it up . Don’t wait a second!

6 Before you hang up your clothes just out of the washing machine, give them a good shake to remove all the creases caused during the spin. Also, make sure that it is well stretched on the rope . The more extended it is, the fewer wrinkles it will have.

7 Using hangers will make your life easier, especially in garments such as shirts. When you take them out of the washing machine, hang them on a good hanger (the metal ones could leave marks). Don’t forget to shake the garments well before hanging them. Place them somewhere in the house where they don’t bother much and you’ll get them to wrinkle much less. This is a very easy and very fast trick. 

8 The dryer can become your new best friend. If once the garment is dry you have any wrinkles, moisten it and use it to dry it again. Do not place it too close to the garment or you could burn it. The hair straightener can also help you to remove those little wrinkles that have decided to stay. Do not make it too hot because the result could end up being catastrophic. Also, make sure that the iron is very clean because otherwise, you will have to put the clothes in the washing machine again.

9 Take advantage of the steam that comes out while you shower so that all wrinkles disappear. Hang the garments on hangers and place them inside the bathroom so that the steam softens them .

10The most lazy trick, but one that can get you out of trouble when you least expect it, is to put your clothes under the mattress. Raise your bed and place the well-stretched clothes under it. The longer you leave them, the better they will be. Of course, do not forget that you have left them!

11 If one day you go on a trip and you forget the iron or it breaks, use a very hot pot to pass it over the wrinkles. If you have a little skill it will look like it just came out of the dry cleaners.   

12 Buy clothes that contain lycra , even in a small percentage, because it wrinkles much less. The same goes for some natural materials, although you will have to say goodbye to linen.

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