Beware the Money Pit! 12 Useless Trinkets and Household Items Savvy Shoppers Sidestep

There’s a thin line between being frugal and being cost-efficient! Even the most thrifty people stay away from dozens of popular household items, even cheap ones. Recently, these people met in an online discussion to uncover these items they believe are unnecessary in 2023.

1. Dryer Sheets

Winneconne, WI - 31 October 2017: A container of Dryer Soft fabric softner sheets on an isolated background.
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Any savvy person already knows dryer sheets are pointless. So the day I stopped buying dryer sheets and started using reusable dryer balls, my life improved – and my wallet thanked me.

2. Bottled Water

Woman buying bottled water.
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Countless people confess that bottled water wastes money when tap water is excellent in most cities! “Tap water where I live is perfectly fine,” says one woman. “I have a couple of reusable bottles I fill up at home, plus, there are water refill stations everywhere. Yet, so many people I know still buy bottled water, and I don’t know why!”

3. Paper Napkins

Woman taking paper tissue from napkin holder on table. Space for text
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Disposable paper napkins are free – if you know where to look for them! Grabbing extra to-go napkins at restaurants is an easy way to keep your home well-stocked. Please don’t feel guilty about doing this; we all do it!

4. Fabric Softener

Adding fabric softener to the washing machine
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If you’re still using fabric softener for each load of laundry, you’re doing it all wrong. Did you know that a half-cup of vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser does the trick? It also avoids all those dangerously unnecessary chemicals.

5. Multiple Household Cleaning Products

Woman with cleaning product
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Some enterprising people have learned that one product can do the job of dozens of cleaning items. “I just have one bottle of Lysol I use for everything,” admits one man. “I don’t use fabric spray stuff, either.

I just vacuum my furniture. I use Meijer bags for bathroom trash cans. I also don’t own a mop — I literally use a dish rag and spot mop. My floors usually need a good sweep every few days.” Wow, talk about efficiency!

6. Shaving Cream

Cute man white foam shave clean skin
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Shaving cream is unnecessary these days, at least according to frugal people. “I don’t have hairy legs, so I don’t have to shave them,” confesses one woman. “I use just soap to shave my armpits. Also, razors marketed to men are cheaper than razors for women.” This woman has a point – why are women’s razors so much more expensive?

7. Toilet Paper

Woman buying Toilet Paper
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Although it sounds unbelievable, multiple people admit to never buying toilet paper anymore because they have a bidet! Yet, at least in my mind, one nagging question remains — how do these people dry themselves off?

8. Air Fresheners

Automatic air freshener on table at home
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Whether it’s plug-in fresheners or artificial-smelling sprays, most frugal people do not purchase air fresheners of any kind for their homes. Their secret is obvious: They clean their homes and apartments regularly, making the need for these products pointless.

9. Disposable Sponges

Woman cleaning kitchen counter top
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You’re living in the past if you still use tried-and-true sponges to clean countertops and dishes! “I have a silicon one that I can wash in the dishwasher and also a reusable scrubby that I can wash in the laundry,” reports one savvy woman.

10. Small Paper Bathroom Cups

Small paper cups
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As someone fond of using tiny disposable cups in the bathroom as a child, I must admit it has no place in a frugal person’s home. A regular plastic, washable cup can be used instead of paper cups in every bathroom.

11. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers
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Why buy containers for things that already come in a container? “I never owned these,” reveals one man. “I use a ton of spices and seasonings -and pouring from the container works.” Buying different salt and pepper shakers seems like a terrible waste of money.

12. Garbage Cans

Garbage cans
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Surprisingly, many people forego traditional garbage cans instead of repurposing cardboard boxes from deliveries! It’s not the worst idea I’ve ever heard. “I somehow cannot justify paying for things that I just use for throwing waste into,” says one frugal mother. “We use cardboard boxes from deliveries lined with bin liners.”


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