The 18 Most Undesirable Jobs Most Would Skip

Jobs can be fulfilling and rewarding experiences that provide not just financial stability but also a sense of accomplishment. However, there are some professions that many people would rather avoid due to their harsh conditions, minimal pay, or taxing emotional toll. The following list offers an in-depth look at 18 such jobs that have gained a reputation for being so awful that people would do anything to steer clear of them.

Sewer Inspector

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Sewer inspectors have the dirty job of going underground into sewage systems to inspect and repair pipelines. The work environment is not only filthy but also potentially hazardous due to the presence of toxic gases. Despite the high risk and unpleasant nature of the job, the pay is often not commensurate with the hardship involved.  

Crime Scene Cleaner

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After law enforcement has done their part at a crime scene, someone needs to clean it up. Crime scene cleaners face the emotionally and physically challenging task of cleaning up after traumatic events, often involving death and severe injuries. The work is not for the faint-hearted and can be extremely taxing emotionally.  

Portable Toilet Cleaner

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Cleaning portable toilets is a job that most people would gladly avoid. These workers are responsible for maintaining and sanitizing portable toilets used at public events or construction sites. The odor and mess can be overpowering, and the job often doesn’t pay well for the level of unpleasantness involved.  

Animal Slaughterer

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Working in an animal slaughterhouse is not only physically demanding but can also be emotionally draining. Employees are responsible for the killing and processing of animals for meat production. The work environment is often loud, bloody, and filled with the distressing sounds of animals.  

Pest Exterminator

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Dealing with rats, cockroaches, and other pests is a grim task that pest exterminators face every day. Though the job pays decently in some areas, it involves handling toxic chemicals and crawling through infested spaces, making it an occupation many would rather avoid.  

High-Rise Window Cleaner

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Cleaning windows on high-rise buildings is a job that comes with a significant amount of risk. One mistake could be fatal. Despite the dangers, the job doesn’t always offer pay that is proportional to the risks involved.  


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Mining is an occupation known for its extremely hazardous conditions. Miners have to work in confined spaces far beneath the Earth’s surface, often exposed to harmful dust and gases. Despite advancements in safety, the job remains dangerous and is linked to various health problems.  

Land Mine Remover

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It’s a job that needs to be done, but the risk involved in removing land mines is extraordinarily high. One wrong move can result in a fatal explosion. This job is stressful and dangerous but is crucial for the safety of communities in conflict zones.  

Mortuary Beautician

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Working as a mortuary beautician requires preparing deceased individuals for funerals. This can be emotionally tough, as workers must handle bodies and interact with grieving families. Many people find the job too emotionally charged and physically unsettling to consider as a career.  

Oil Rig Worker

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Working on an oil rig involves long hours, extreme weather conditions, and significant physical labor. The work is dangerous and can lead to serious injuries, making it a job many would rather not take despite the high pay.  

Roadkill Collector

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Nobody enjoys seeing animals that have met their unfortunate end on the highway, but someone has to clean up the mess. Roadkill collectors have the grim task of removing deceased animals from roadsides, a job that is not only stomach-turning but often emotionally draining as well. The dangers of working near fast-moving traffic add another layer of stress to this occupation.  

Alaskan King Crab Fisherman

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Fishing for Alaskan King Crab is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The freezing waters, high waves, and severe weather conditions make this a highly risky endeavor. While the potential earnings can be substantial, many consider the physical toll and danger not worth the payout.  


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While not physically demanding or dangerous, telemarketing has a reputation for being one of the least enjoyable jobs out there. Telemarketers often face rude customers, tight quotas, and high levels of stress. The emotional toll and repetitive nature of the job make it an occupation many would rather avoid.  

Asbestos Remover

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Asbestos removal is crucial for public safety, but the job comes with significant health risks. Workers must be fully suited in protective gear to guard against inhaling toxic asbestos fibers, which can lead to severe respiratory issues and even cancer. Despite safety protocols, the risks associated with this job make it an undesirable profession for many.  

Adult Diaper Cleaner

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In healthcare settings, someone has to take on the task of cleaning adult diapers. This job is not only physically unpleasant but can also be emotionally taxing, as it usually involves working with patients who are severely ill or elderly. The low pay typically associated with the job makes it even less appealing.  

Chemical Plant Worker

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Working in a chemical plant involves handling hazardous substances that can be toxic or even explosive. Despite rigorous safety measures, accidents can and do happen, making it a job that carries significant risk along with its physical demands.  

Septic Tank Servicer

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A septic tank servicer has the unenviable job of cleaning and maintaining residential and commercial septic systems. The work involves pumping out waste and making sure the systems are functioning correctly. The smell alone makes it a job most would be happy never to experience.  

Tannery Worker

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Tanneries, where animal hides are processed into leather, offer one of the more unpleasant working environments one can imagine. The combination of harsh chemicals and the decomposition of organic matter creates an overpowering stench, and the work itself can be both dangerous and physically demanding.

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