18 Movies That Made Zero Sense but Raked in the Cash

Let’s be honest for a moment. We’ve all seen movies that tell us, “What were they thinking?!” But sometimes, that absolute head-scratcher of a movie plot is super entertaining. No judgments, just pure cinematic fun! Here are some films that prove sometimes, nonsense really does make sense!

Slithering Air Travel in Snakes on a Plane

Photo Credit: Mutual Film Company.

Imagine being trapped in a confined space with hundreds of venomous reptiles. This film took everyone’s worst fear and put it at 30,000 feet above ground. Although the premise might give us nightmares, Samuel L. Jackson’s powerful performance made this thriller. You’re there for the snakes but stay for Jackson’s unstoppable energy.

Flying Finned Frenzy in Sharknado

Photo Credit: The Asylum.

You get a tornado of toothy chaos when you mix sharks with tornadoes! While the idea sounds more like a fever dream than a feasible plot, the result is a delicious cocktail of absurdity. With sharks terrorizing the city from the skies, this film turned the ridiculous meter up to eleven and owned every bit of it.

Goblin Galore in Troll 2

Photo Credit: Filmirage.

Deceptive title aside, “Troll 2” offers goblins trying to turn folks into plants. Strange, right? Yet, this eccentric film won the hearts of many, with its unpredictable antics making it the quintessential so-bad-it’s-amazing watch. It’s wonky, wild, and an iconic jewel in the cult movie crown.

Sky-High Criminals in Con Air

Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures.

Picture this: hardened criminals commandeering an airborne prison. The story takes leaps bigger than the plane’s altitude, but boy does it soar in the entertainment department. Led by the magnetic Nicolas Cage, the wild action sequences and intense drama make us happily overlook the plot’s turbulence.

Nature’s Wrath: The Happening

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

A departure from director M. Night Shyamalan’s typical supernatural thrillers, “The Happening” offers an eerie “what if” scenario. What if nature, fed up with humanity’s abuse, decided to release toxins that make humans…well, end themselves? It’s a chilling thought. The tension is real, as the audience is unsure where danger will strike next.

Alien Invasion at Sea: Battleship

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

Merging a childhood board game with high-stakes action might sound far-fetched, but “Battleship” rides that wave confidently. As alien spacecraft emerge from the ocean, a fleet of naval ships finds themselves as Earth’s first line of defense. The strategic face-offs, which remind us of the original game, add a layer of nostalgia to this high-stakes adventure.

The Mystifying Quest of the Wicker Man (2006)

Photo Credit: Alcon Entertainment.

The remote island setting, the mysterious inhabitants, and the urgency to find a missing child set the stage for this unnerving tale. From eerie rituals to unsettling confrontations with the locals, the plot zigzags with suspense. It’s a game of cat and mouse, with Cage never quite sure who to trust. The climactic ending cements the movie’s place in cult film history.

Time-Traveling Cop in Kung Fury

Photo Credit: Lampray.

An unhinged homage to the 80s, “Kung Fury” is a riot from start to finish. The titular character is a cop with kung fu skills so legendary they bend the fabric of time. When his arch-enemy, Hitler (also a kung fu master), emerges, a time-traveling mission kicks off. Viewers are treated to laser raptors, Viking warriors, and an epic fight sequence in Nazi Germany – all in under 30 minutes. 

Journey Through Earth’s Depths – The Core

Photo Credit: David Foster Productions.

Deep into the Earth’s crust, we go with a brave team of scientists and astronauts who embark on a dangerous adventure to restart our planet’s dying core. While it’s easier to believe in unicorns than the science of this movie, there’s no denying the thrilling suspense it offers. It’s a journey that keeps you gripped despite those pesky scientific inaccuracies.

When Birds Go Rogue – Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Photo Credit: Moviehead Pictures.

When birds decide they’ve had enough of humans, chaos ensues. Armed with low-budget special effects and a passion for storytelling, this film offers a unique spin on avian terror. You can’t help but chuckle as these pixelated predators swoop down. It’s campy, unexpected, and a film that proves you don’t need a Hollywood budget to create memorable moments.

High-Octane Aerial Action – Fast & Furious 6

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

This adrenaline-pumping film comes in a world where cars don’t just race but also defy the laws of physics. Racing against a behemoth of an aircraft, Dominic Toretto and his crew aren’t just battling time; they’re challenging reality. Explosive action, heart-stopping close calls, and those flashy rides ensure you’ve got a wild cinematic ride.

When Vampires Glisten – Twilight

Photo Credit: Temple Hill Entertainment.

Forget your traditional blood-sucking nocturnal creatures in the town of Forks; vampires glitter under the sun. As Bella Swan gets entangled in a dangerous love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf, we see a fresh twist on ancient myths. It’s controversial among hardcore vampire fans, but there’s no denying its impact. This saga is unforgettable.

A Wild Mechanical Rodeo – Wild Wild West

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

We didn’t expect to see a colossal, steam-powered spider in an era where cowboys ruled. James West and Artemus Gordon team up in a race against time to stop an evil plot using a blend of old-school charm and steampunk tech. With Will Smith’s swagger and catchy tunes, this film marries the past with the future in a quirky yet captivating dance.

When Beds Bite Back – Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

Photo Credit: Cult Epics.

Your bed is supposed to be your safe haven, right? Not in this film! This particular bed has developed a taste for flesh. While the idea might create more giggles than screams, it’s a fresh take on the horror genre. Unsettling dreams, unexpected munching, and an atmosphere that’ll make you reconsider that afternoon nap, it’s a sleeper hit in its own right.

Awkward Adventures in Idaho – Napoleon Dynamite

Photo Credit: Napoleon Pictures.

Meet Napoleon, a socially awkward teen navigating the trials and tribulations of high school life in rural Idaho. With moon boots, killer dance moves, and a pet llama named Tina, this isn’t your typical teen story. Its unique charm, deadpan humor, and memorable one-liners have cemented its place as a cult favorite.

Aliens With Attitude – Mars Attacks!

Photo Credit: Tim Burton Productions.

Martians decide to visit Earth but are not here to make friends. With their quirky designs and high-pitched laughs, these aren’t typical extraterrestrials. With a stellar ensemble cast, slapstick humor, and a satirical take on alien invasion films, this flick lets you view Martians in a refreshingly comedic light.

Swapped Identities Meet High-Octane Drama in Face/off

Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures.

Face-switching as the central plot? Seriously? Surprisingly, this wild idea turned into gold thanks to Hollywood’s brilliant execution. Enter the stage, two acting powerhouses: Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. With high-intensity chases, dramatic confrontations, and a narrative that keeps you guessing, “Face/Off” excites audiences. 

The Room – A Dramatic Jigsaw With Missing Pieces

Photo Credit: Wiseau Films.

Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” is one cinematic experience you won’t forget. Scenes seem to start and end without reason, plotlines are introduced and then abandoned, and characters pop in and out without much rhyme or reason. What could have been a total disaster becomes a masterclass in so-bad-it’s-good cinema. 

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