20 Boomer Hobbies That Gen Z Should Embrace

Each generation comes with its quips and quirks, and the case for baby boomers is no different. Boomers are not only known for witnessing pivotal economic and social changes but also for their unique lifestyle. Some of their hobbies have stood the test of time and can be healthy and entertaining for Gen Z.

1. Civic Engagement

Old man with friends talking
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Baby boomers are known for being vocal. However, later generations don’t always appreciate this quality. Many boomers were politically active and engaged in town politics and community affairs. Those weekly political discussions with coffee on the table and the daily paper scrunch up in your hand can be more impactful than you think.

2. Home Improvement

Old man doing carpentry
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Boomers are strongly associated with self-sufficiency, and when it comes to home improvement, you can always count on them to take matters into their own hands. Skills such as sewing, carpentry, plumbing, and mechanics foster independence while helping you improve your handiwork. More importantly, these hobbies support a sustainable lifestyle.

3. Social Experiences

Dinner with family
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Family values and community come to most boomers quite naturally. As CNN highlights, we live in a world of forlornness, as 1 in 4 adults across the globe feel very or moderately lonely. Perhaps now more than ever, activities such as face-to-face outings, family dinners, church gatherings, and cultural experiences become essential to fulfilling one’s social and spiritual needs.

4. Sculpting

Senior woman potter
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Something is soothing about carving stone, seeing a figure materialize, or simply running your hands through clay as you do pottery. Buying figures and statues can break the bank, so sculpting your own is a neat way to make decor while having a relaxing time.

5. Souvenirs

Old man looking at old things
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Having physical proof of your travels to reflect on your memories is beautiful. In a digital world, many are compelled to take pictures and call it a day. However, stamp collection gathered coins, or even transit cards, can be tactile remnants of one’s journey.

6. Fishing

Old man fishing
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When things seem to be going too fast, having a slow-paced hobby is the thing to make you feel grounded. Fishing is all about having patience and trusting the process. While it is often associated with older people, it is a calming activity for anyone, regardless of age.

7. Archery

Old man doing Archery
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Though not many engage in it, according to research, archery aids aging by encouraging physical mobility. Younger generations can also benefit from this ho, which it grants dexterity and improves mental health.

8. Camping

Senior man camping
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The great thing about camping is its multi-faceted nature. It has the potential to be a social activity, a physical engagement, and a journey. Not to mention, camping requires many skills, like setting up camps, starting a fire, and getting a hang of directions. It’s a never-ending learning experience.

9. Aquarium

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If you want something of a challenge, then building a fish tank might be the right thing for you. Though it may sound simple, immense precision and technique are required to cut acrylic cleanly and assemble the tank.

10. Knitting and Crocheting

Old woman knitting
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Thankfully, as Grattan Street Press states, crocheting is making a comeback for all the right reasons. Both knitting and crocheting are avenues for self-expression and artistic exploration, which is great for every crafter of all ages.

11. Brewing Coffee

Brewing Coffee
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No, I am not talking about throwing in some instant coffee in boiling water. Brewing coffee can be a curious hobby when you have an espresso machine. Researching the kind of roasts, extraction techniques, filter baskets, and much more makes it an engaging project for all generations.

12. Puzzles

Matured couples doing puzzles
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According to Art & Fable Puzzles, the Great Depression witnessed a surge in the popularity of jigsaw puzzles. This hobby was a cheap, reliable, and reusable form of entertainment that could kill boredom. The world of puzzles is fascinating and challenging as you tread to more complex pieces.

13. Vinyl Collection

Vinyl records
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A list of boomer hobbies would be incomplete without mentioning the vinyl collection. Having access to a physical medium and turning the record around to listen to the second part of an album encourages people to be active in the process of listening to music.

14. House Plants

Old couples pouring water to house plants
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Taking care of house plants can be a rewarding process. You can grow succulents if you don’t want to put in too much effort, or if you want to be meticulous, you can even cut bonsai. Additionally, you can build your miniature “forest” in a glass container by putting your plants with different stones and colored sand.

15. Soap Making

Soap Making
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If you love scents and crafting, soap-making can be a fun process. This highly customizable hobby allows you to make concoctions of different varieties. Whether you’re into understanding the chemical composition or playing around with different essential oils, soap-making has something for everyone.

16. Model Kits

Old man with model airplane
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Like puzzles, model kits offer a more three-dimensional building experience. There are many vintage model car kits featuring 20th-century classic automobiles such as Chevrolet, Ford, and Cadillac that several boomers grew up with. Model making is a rewarding activity since the figure you build can serve as a decorative testament to your effort.

17. Food Preservation

Senior woman doing Food Preservation
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Playing around with recipes and food can be a creative culinary experience. Many try food preservation techniques as hobbies, such as canning, pickling, making jam, and meat curing. You’ll never get bored!

18. Farming and Gardening

Old man Lawn Mowing
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Now, we all know how much boomers care for their lawns. In truth, it can be pretty calming to tend your garden and maybe even grow a few vegetables or herbs. Cutting grass, planting flowers, learning about seeds and soil,  and plucking those ripe tomatoes can be a rewarding experience, even for the young.

19. Baking

Old woman Baking
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Don’t let the grandmas be the only ones baking. This culinary art can be a satisfying hobby but requires meticulousness. Baking is all about precision and learning to work with different ingredients. Nothing beats the feeling of delectable homemade cookies and a glass of milk.

20. Wood Working

Old man Wood Working
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Woodworking is an extensive hobby that can be as challenging and gratifying at the same time. You can make many techniques and types of objects, each requiring a unique skill set. What’s more fun than making furniture or carving delicate wands to fulfill your fantasies?

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