How Can I Save Money With a Low Income?

How Can I Save Money With a Low Income?

It's hard to put money aside when you're struggling to get by on a low income. But there are ways anyone can save money regardless of what they bring in. The important thing is to just start saving. Forget about the dollar amount and get in the habit of saving something every time you get paid.

Is the keto diet expensive? Here's a cheap keto friendly plate of salmon and veggies.

Is the Keto Diet Expensive?

Certain popular keto foods can be expensive, but none of them are required. There are plenty of ways to do the keto diet on a budget. If you are on a tight budget or are looking to trim your grocery spending, you can still do the keto diet. Check out my best tips for doing keto on the cheap.

Woman with no money in her wallet facing the consequences of not budgeting

10 Horrible Consequences of Not Budgeting

While it is possible to manage your money without budgeting there could be consequences. If you're not sure where all your money goes or you're not sure what you would do if you had a financial emergency, you might want to make sure you know what you could be getting into.

Pile of Coupons with Expiration Dates

Can You Use a Coupon the Day it Expires?

If you're new to couponing, coupon expiration dates and individual store policies can be confusing. You might have several questions about when coupons expire, whether you can use an expired coupon or not, and what you can do with coupons that have expired. Check out the answers to these questions and more here.

Getting paid biweekly on Fridays

Three Paycheck Months in 2021: What to Do With Your Third Check

Getting paid biweekly means twice a year you'll get three paychecks in a single month instead of two. Find out when those months are this year and learn a simple budgeting trick that will free up that "extra" third paycheck.

Stack of Coupons You Can Get From Companies for Free

How Can I Get Coupons from Companies for Free?

There are tons of places to get grocery coupons. Supermarket flyers, newspaper inserts, online printables, and more. But my favorite way is to just reach out to my favorite brand and ask them nicely to send me a coupon if possible. This works and the coupons you get direct from the manufacturer tend to be higher value than you find anywhere else.

Two bags of groceries which beg the question: How much should I budget for food?

How Much Should I Budget for Food?

Everyone has to eat. That's why it's easy to justify overspending at the supermarket and eating in restaurants multiple times a week. If you're setting up a budget for the first time or if you're looking to lower your monthly expenses , you might be asking yourself how much you should spend on food. We have the answer and example numbers here.

Why Is Budgeting Important? 11 Reasons Budgeting Is Important

Why Is Budgeting Important?

Budgeting is the one thing that can improve everyone's financial future. But if you've never set and followed a budget before or if you think your finances are in OK shape, you might be questioning the importance of having a budget. No matter how good or how bad you're finances look right now, budgeting is a key part of reaching your goals and avoiding money problems.

Woman counting money trying to get one month ahead on bills

How to Get One Month Ahead On Bills

By getting a month ahead on your bills, this month you're spending what you earned last month. In addition to having all your bills covered before you get them, you'll feel so much less financial stress. You'll also free yourself up to focus on short term and long term financial goals. But how do you get ahead on your bills? Learn how here.

How to Crush a No Spend Challenge

How to Do a No Spend Challenge Successfully

If you've been on a spending spree lately or if you just want to save a bunch of money quickly, a no spend challenge might be just the thing to get your bank balance heading in the right direction. You can use the money you save to pay down debt, start an emergency fund, or make faster progress on one of your financial goals. Learn how to crush a no spend challenge here.

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