Bad odors in the bathroom: where do they come from and how to get rid of them

Bad odors in the bathroom: where do they come from and how to get rid of them

There are problems that are not seen and bad odors in the bathroom is one of them. We give you some small clues to avoid them.


Bad odors in a bathroom can come from the drains. These pipes connect with the sewage system and to prevent the arrival of odors, they have siphons. A siphon prevents the passage of foul-smelling air by leaving a section of pipe blocked with water. If this water dries up and disappears, the passage of the odor from the sewer is assured. That is why it is vital that we periodically use the sink, bidet or bathtub in the bathroom to be sure that odors are controlled.


When we have bathrooms or toilets without windows, ventilation is done with ducts that connect the bathroom with chimneys on the roof. Sometimes these ducts are shared (usually older houses) and it is possible that a renovation in the lower or upper house has damaged the operation of the ventilation. If so, the first thing is to check it and after a proper diagnosis that our house insurance could do, return the ventilation to its original state or use extractors to help us get the air out of the bathroom.

Those things that need to be cleaned

A bad smell never comes from a shiny tile . It is easy to understand that a bad smell comes from organic remains, let’s say in poor condition. In a bathroom these remain in many cases in the previously mentioned siphons . In modern houses there will be a siphonic container on the floor, which we will identify as a round lid, which we will have to open and, provided with a good rubber glove, remove the waste that we will find there. In the case of old bathrooms, the siphons can be under the sink or bidet and usually have a cap that once unscrewed lets the waste out.

In general Regardless of the above, the ideal is to maintain a good cleanliness of the sanitary devices and periodically pour bleach in hot water (never boiling) down the drains.

The tactic of masking with air fresheners is simpler and helps us to get out of trouble, but it is convenient to face the problem with the advice that we gave you before to eliminate the root problem. We can enjoy a few minutes in the bathroom again.

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