From Spender to Saver: 12 Battle-Tested Tips to Master Your Money and Crush Spending

Our current consumer culture makes saving money challenging. Amid impromptu buys, floating social ads trying to sell what’s-not on your news feed, and a fast-changing world of lifestyle trends asking that you spend now or go out of vogue, an attempt at a frugal lifestyle would require the right “strategies and some intentionality. An online community of rock-hard frugal enthusiasts asks that you embrace these tested how-tos when you’re gunning for your money-saving goals.

Use Less

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Swerving off marketers’ most common mantra of spending less to save more, one thoughtful commenter says frugality is more about using less than spending less. “Use less. Drive less. Go to stores less,” is how he describes the best shot of penny-pinching towards your frugal aspirations.

Eliminate Impulse Shopping

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You’ll always find items that draw your fancy, especially when surfing the internet. Still, several thread participants think you need to boss your impulse shopping tendencies if you are serious about desperately saving money.

Schedule Store Visitations

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Some think the more you visit Costo, Walmart, and other stores, the likelier you’ll spend beyond your budget and find it hard to save. A second user says Costco membership pips her into paying more and that buying what you need in bulk and at once can shield you from the temptation of overshopping when you have to visit the store more often.

Use Up Before Restocking

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The urge to quickly replace depleting supplies is universal; it is an innate evolutionary trait one person on the thread suggests. It is, however, contrasting with your frugal objectives.

“Use it up is my thing” is how a second person describes how she stems the hunger to buy more before exhausting grocery boxes. “You wanna buy tea?! Drink up your green tea first! Do you want a new bottle of shampoo? Use up your bottle first! Do you want anything new?! Use up what you have first,” she reiterates.

Bid Goodbyes to the Sales Emails

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Leads collection is one way marketers try to reach you, which accounts for the near-numberless mails loitering in your inbox, persuading you to buy this or that. A frugal enthusiast on the thread says you wouldn’t have to lose your savings to these fleecing email ads if you unsubscribe from them.

Join Local “Buy Nothing” Groups

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Several users on the thread claim that buy-nothing groups are increasingly common, and you could find free-to-pick items others no longer need. “I give things I don’t need and have gotten a lot of things I didn’t have to buy (snow shovels, toys for my daughter, winter gear, coffee, and more.”

Target the Last Day of Sales

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Someone explains that it isn’t always a good idea to hit the store when the sales are newly open. If you’re big on going frugal, target the end day of sales when you can get as much as 50% off on core essentials.

Cook Your Meal

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Food is an indispensable need, but there are ways you can save some bucks towards your frugal goal. One person asks that you cook at home rather than buy from Starbucks, Costo, and the McDonald’s of this world.

A second user says you can save more on food by buying in bulk, adding that you invest in a deep freezer to keep things fresh.

Use the Local Library

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One forum member opines that no amount is too much to spend on knowledge for yourself or your family, but you need to be cautious of your frugal goals while you’re at it.

She said, “I used to buy my kids books they’d read once and never open again. Going to the library has saved us money and increased our reading as a family. I love my local library!”

Curtail Social Activities

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The more you go out, the likelier you’ll have to spend on transportation, gifting, and what’s not. A thread participant suggests inviting friends for dinner parties instead of going out.

He also feels a potluck or rotation of dinner among friends in their homes can make it more affordable, instead of visiting fancy restaurants that sell little value for so much money.

New Outfit for Every Occasion Is Unnecessary

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It’s understood you may be a fashionista, and trying to stop the show while you stroll in enviable gorgeousness isn’t always a bad thing, but you can stay attractive without having to spend on wears every time, someone explains.

A second user adds that you should consider buying fairly used clothing items offering good deals in the target of your frugal goals.

Routine Healthcare Is Cost-Saving

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A thread contributor fiercely suggests adopting a culture of routine healthcare in your quest to save up. Health is wealth, and waiting till your health gets bad is bad for your long-term saving goals, as it could mean you will have to pay more to get treated than you would to keep issues in check before they spiral out of the ordinary.

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