“Be a Man”: 18 Things To Toss Out From The Men’s Rulebook

“Be a man” — how many times have we heard that? But what does it even mean? Society has cooked up some rules for guys that are as silly as a dog wearing glasses. For real, we need to cut it out. From liking “girly” stuff to not being a DIY master, the judgment must take a back seat. Let’s dive into 18 things society really needs to stop judging men for.

Forget Touchdowns, Some Men Prefer Timeouts

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You heard right. Not every guy dreams of Sunday football or knows the difference between a slam dunk and a hole-in-one. Yet, society often goes bananas, making it seem like you’re missing your Man Membership Card if you’re not glued to ESPN. Just because someone’s a guy doesn’t mean they have to love sports. So, can we stop with the awkward pauses when a guy says he didn’t catch last night’s game?  

The Art of Rocking the Single Life

Depressed lonely sad Man
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Whoever said life isn’t complete without a partner must have missed the memo. Being single is not a tragic status. It’s a choice that a man can proudly make. But, oh boy, society often sees it as either a) commitment issues or b) a sad, lonely life. But hey, maybe a guy is focused on other life stuff or just enjoys his own company.   

When Pink is Your Power Color

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Seriously, why is it a big deal if a man enjoys things traditionally considered “girly”? Some guys like pink, flowers, or even—gasp—watching romantic comedies. Society acts like it’s some kind of sin that the man must be less masculine. But come on! Preferences are just preferences. A color or a movie genre doesn’t define anyone’s manliness.  

Solitude Isn’t Just for Monks

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Some fellas enjoy their alone time. It’s as simple as that. But mention that you like to spend time alone, and eyebrows start to rise. People sometimes equate wanting alone time to being antisocial or even mysterious in a not-so-good way. Let’s make it clear: taking time out for yourself is healthy and necessary and doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.  

The Man, The Myth, The Gamer

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Why do hobbies like video gaming or stamp collecting get the eye-roll treatment? Men with these hobbies often hear they need to “grow up” or that they’re wasting their time. Come on, hobbies are a way to relax and enjoy life! Everyone, regardless of gender, should have the freedom to have some playtime without being labeled as immature.  

The Quick Glance Versus the Creepy Stare

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There’s a line between admiring and staring, okay? Men often get labeled as creepy just for a simple, appreciative glance. While staring isn’t cool for anyone, a quick, harmless look shouldn’t be a crime. It’s time society recognized that it’s natural to find others attractive, and as long as it’s respectful, it’s all good.  

Minimalism or Just Less Fuss?

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If a guy’s place doesn’t look like it jumped off the pages of an interior design magazine, he’s suddenly labeled as unorganized or sloppy. But let’s face it, not everyone is into décor, and that’s perfectly okay. A man’s worth is not determined by how many throw pillows he owns – it’s their choice of how to, or how to not, decorate!  

Smart Spending or Just Stingy?

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Look, being frugal is not a crime. In fact, it’s pretty darn smart! But society sometimes paints a man as “cheap” if he doesn’t splurge on the latest gadgets or fancy meals. Being cautious with money is a good thing, and it’s about time we recognize that it’s not a sign of masculinity to throw cash around like confetti.  

When Teardrops Fall

Millennial man crying
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Emotions are part of being human, last time I checked. But let a man shed a tear, and suddenly, he’s labeled as soft or overly sensitive. That’s not just unfair; it’s unhealthy. Suppressing emotions can lead to all sorts of problems. So, it’s time to let the “real men don’t cry” myth fade away, shall we?  

Saying “I Don’t” to “I Do”

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Marriage is a wonderful thing—for those who want it. Yet, this outdated script says men should want to put a ring on it, settle down, and have 2.5 kids. Those who opt out often get the side-eye, as if they’re dodging some sort of male responsibility. But hey, it’s a huge life choice and one that shouldn’t be made lightly.  

Who Said Men Should Always Make the First Move?

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Why is it always up to the guy to initiate a conversation or ask someone out? This age-old “rule” puts unnecessary pressure on men and limits women too. Society needs to retire this rule. Why can’t we all share the butterflies of making the first move? Women should be allowed to be forward as well!  

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

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Everybody has their “type,” but when men are attracted to specific features, they are often judged as shallow or picky. Let’s get one thing straight: personal preferences are just that—personal. It’s about time society stops making people feel guilty for what naturally catches their eye, cause there’s no shame in it.  

The Changing Dynamics of Being the “Man” in a Relationship

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Who decided that men have to wear the pants in a relationship? The idea that men must be the dominant, decision-making “head” of a relationship is as stale as last year’s bread. Partnerships are about balance, compromise, and, most importantly, equality. There shouldn’t be someone who’s in charge.  

When Tools Aren’t Your Friends

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Not every guy is a Mr. Fix-It, and that’s just fine! But admit that you can’t repair a leaky faucet, and you get labeled as less capable. It’s high time we nix this stereotype, as there are plenty of men out there who have no idea about repairing things. There’s no shame in calling a professional; it’s why they exist!   

The Underestimated Power of Being Quiet

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Quiet men often get wrongly labeled as mysterious or, even worse, unfriendly. But let’s get real, folks; some people are just naturally more reserved. It doesn’t mean they’re unsocial or aloof. It’s time we appreciate the strong, silent types for who they are and allow men to keep quiet if they want to.  

Dapper Dudes Need Love Too

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If a man likes to spend a little extra time on his grooming or wardrobe, he sometimes gets unfairly judged as vain. But looking good is not a gender-specific endeavor. Self-care is a universal need and should be respected, regardless of who’s doing it. There’s absolutely no shame in wanting to look good.  

The Foodie Who Skips the Grill

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Society often says a real man should love to grill, cook steaks, and scarf down hearty meat dishes. If a guy prefers a salad or, heaven forbid, is a vegetarian, the raised eyebrows make an appearance. People might question his manhood, asking, “Where’s the beef?” as if that’s the true measure of masculinity. Newsflash: It’s not. Let a man eat what he wants!  

Breaking Gender Norms in the Job Market

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Last but not least, let’s tackle jobs. If a man decides to work in a field traditionally seen as “feminine,” like nursing or teaching, he’s often questioned about his career choice. This needs to change, pronto. A job is a job, and your profession shouldn’t dictate how “manly” you are – it has nothing to do with gender.

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