Black Friday with a head and… with success!

Black Friday with a head and... with success!

We have already made our letter to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men , but to make it easier for them, we are going to tell them that before they start going through the shopping centers to collect our wishes, to wait for Black Friday, that moment in the one that “by magic” toys, clothes, electronic gadgets drop in price considerably. With all these offers , it is very easy to go crazy, but don’t worry, we have the tricks you need. Here are some tips to take on Black Friday with a head and… with success!

Approach Black Friday with your head

On bus shelters, on internet banners or in eye-catching advertisements on the pages of magazines or newspapers, attractive advertisements…  Black Friday  is near: this year it will be celebrated on November 24. We all look forward to the announced discounts with great fanfare that brands make, but what is behind such price reduction ? Tricks so that your bank account does not suffer that day. 

Tricks to avoid overspending on Black Friday

Be clear what you want to buy

Make a list of the things you want to buy. If you are very clear about what you want and go directly to look for it, you will avoid temptations. Christmas is very close, so you could feel pushed to buy more than necessary. It would be good if you designed a budget that you should not get out of during these days.

Keep an eye on prices before Black Friday

One of the keys to not spending more than necessary is to keep track of the price of that product that you are so sure you want to buy. If you know what its cost is before applying the discount, you will have more information to know if it is really worth buying it. According to some users, certain establishments raise the price in the days before Black Mirror so that the discount is really lower.  

compare and compare

Online shopping allows you the enormous advantage of being able to compare prices without having to take a step. Checking the costs is important any day of the year because it allows you to get the cheapest product, but on Black Friday it is even more so. Comparing will allow you to save a lot of money , since the offers change in the different stores.

Sign up for alerts in your email

Many stores offer a price alert system as a service that sends you an email when there are offers. This will allow you to find out about promotions and sales.

Look at the fine print

Some deals are not what they seem, so it’s important to always read the fine print before buying anything. Make sure what is included and what extra costs it could have, especially if you are going to take it home .

You can buy basic

Remember that during Black Friday you can buy whims or specific needs that you have like a new Tablet or that dress, but you can also get some supermarket basics that will allow you to save a little more money.

Do not buy with a credit card

If you plan to buy more than one thing on Black Friday, it is best to leave the credit card in a drawer . The most common is that these types of cards charge you the amount of what you bought after some time, so it will be more difficult for you to keep track of the money you have actually spent.

Pay attention to the return date

Take a good look at whether the item you just bought can be returned and for how long. This is even more important if you are buying a gift for someone else.

Save the tickets

Precisely in case you want to return the products you have bought or if they are defective, it is essential to keep all the receipts and proof of purchase.

There is not only Black Friday

Many stores start Black Friday a week before the official date and continue the offers for the days after. Also, don’t forget Cyber ​​Monday!