Budget-Friendly Fun: 12 Ways to Save on Children’s Activities

Keeping children entertained doesn’t need to break the bank. There are myriad opportunities for frugal fun if you know where to look. Today’s blog post’ll explore 12 practical strategies for saving money on children’s activities without compromising their learning, growth, or enjoyment. These 12 insightful money-saving tips will help keep those cost worries at bay while ensuring your little ones are entertained and educated. As a mum of four, I understand the importance of budget-friendly activities that keep children engaged – so let’s get started.

Make Use of Free Printable Activities Online

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Harness the power of the internet to find educational and entertaining activities that are a click away, like coloring pages, puzzles, and learning worksheets. Websites like In The Playroom offer a vast array of free printables to keep your kids engaged while promoting their cognitive development. Plus, the best part is they’re all completely free!

Check for Community Events

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Local community centers, libraries, museums, and schools often host free or low-cost events suitable for children of all ages that can be fun. From craft workshops to storytime sessions, these events can offer an excellent opportunity for children to learn and interact with peers without hurting their wallets. Remember to check your local newspaper or community website for updates regularly.

Discount Codes and Vouchers

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Numerous children’s activity providers offer discounts and promotional codes. Websites like Groupon often feature discounted tickets for theme parks, zoos, and other popular kids’ attractions, or you can collect promotional vouchers and coupons on some grocery items like cereal. So before you book, do a quick online search for discount codes. You might be surprised at what you find! To plan out the summer break, budget for just one or two of these bigger ticket outings using the discount codes, and the rest of the days can easily be filled with free and super low-cost activities.

Swap Toys and Books

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Organize a toy or book swap with friends, family, or neighbors. This can be an exciting event for children as they get ‘new’ toys or books while learning the value of sharing. Plus, it will save you a lot of money and is eco-friendly!

Make Use of Public Spaces

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Public parks, beaches, and hiking trails are perfect for outdoor fun without incurring costs. Pack a picnic, bring some toys, and let your children explore the great outdoors. Kids can spend an entire day at the playground, especially if they get together with friends. They’ll benefit from the exercise and fresh air, and you’ll enjoy the savings.

Try a Subscription Service

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Many children’s subscription services offer monthly boxes filled with books, crafts, or science experiments. These services can be more cost-effective than buying items individually, as long as the products are something you genuinely would have purchased anyway. Plus, with a subscription service, they will deliver new activities to your doorstep each month, keeping things fresh and exciting.

Use Your Local Library

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Libraries are a treasure trove of free resources. Beyond books, many libraries lend out DVDs, CDs, and even board games. They often also provide free internet access and host various free or low-cost classes and events for children.

DIY Craft Projects

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Homemade crafts are a great way to keep little hands busy. Many craft projects can be made with inexpensive supplies or items you already have around the house, like paper plates or recycled toilet paper rolls, meaning the cost is zero. Not only does this save money, but it also stimulates creativity and develops fine motor skills, and kids can spend a good few hours creating, painting, and crafting.

Cook and Bake Together

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Kids usually love to help in the kitchen, and turning cooking or baking into a fun activity provides entertainment and teaches valuable life skills. Use ingredients you already have at home to avoid extra costs, and once you’ve finished the cooking activity, meal time or snack time is sorted, too!

Early Bird or Off-Peak Discounts

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Many activity centers, swimming pools, ten-pin bowling centers, and movie theaters offer early bird or off-peak discounts. You can save money and avoid crowds by attending less popular times, such as early morning.

Take Advantage of School Holiday Programs

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Schools and community centers often run holiday programs that offer a range of activities at affordable prices. Not only do these programs provide value for money and help with childcare, but they also keep your children busy and engaged throughout the holidays.

Join Online Groups

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Online parenting groups can be an excellent resource for free or cheap activities for kids. Search on Facebook for local parenting groups in your area, as these groups often share local deals, upcoming free events, and creative ideas for home activities. Plus, they can be a great way to connect with other parents in your area, which is another huge benefit.


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Creativity and resourcefulness are the keys to saving money on children’s activities. From using free printable resources online to seeking out local community events, numerous ways exist to entertain and educate your children without spending a fortune. Moreover, these cost-saving strategies can teach your children the valuable lesson of finding joy and learning opportunities in simple, everyday experiences.

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