Budgeting Money

Budgeting your money is not about giving up fun or eating rice and beans three times a day. It’s not about math or obsessing over money either.

Budgeting is about making choices, not sacrifices. Your budget is simply your plan for your money. Following a budget is the one thing that anyone can do to improve their financial situation almost immediately.

Your budget is your roadmap to the life you want. Sometimes following that roadmap does mean spending less money on certain things or shifting your priorities. But the changes you make eliminate things that are holding you back and reduce financial stress.

Woman with no money in her wallet facing the consequences of not budgeting

10 Horrible Consequences of Not Budgeting

While it is possible to manage your money without budgeting there could be consequences. If you're not sure where all your money goes or you're not sure what you would do if you had a financial emergency, you might want to make sure you know what you could be getting into.

Blue Piggy Bank and Pink Piggy Bank Representing Couples and Money

Should Relationships Be 50/50 Financially?

For couples, splitting shared expenses 50-50 seems like the easiest and most fair option. But is it really? If you and your partner don't make close to the same income, one of you is probably going to find a 50-50 split grossly unfair. Find out how to get on the same page and split expenses fairly.

Woman sitting on the floor doing her monthly budget

The 3 Types of Expenses in a Budget: Fixed, Periodic, and Variable

There are three types of expenses we all have to account for when we're building our budget: fixed, periodic, and variable or flexible. Learn more about each of the different types of expenses, how they impact your budget, and how to prepare for them.

Getting paid biweekly on Fridays

Three Paycheck Months in 2021: What to Do With Your Third Check

Getting paid biweekly means twice a year you'll get three paychecks in a single month instead of two. Find out when those months are this year and learn a simple budgeting trick that will free up that "extra" third paycheck.

Two bags of groceries which beg the question: How much should I budget for food?

How Much Should I Budget for Food?

Everyone has to eat. That's why it's easy to justify overspending at the supermarket and eating in restaurants multiple times a week. If you're setting up a budget for the first time or if you're looking to lower your monthly expenses , you might be asking yourself how much you should spend on food. We have the answer and example numbers here.

Why Is Budgeting Important? 11 Reasons Budgeting Is Important

Why Is Budgeting Important?

Budgeting is the one thing that can improve everyone's financial future. But if you've never set and followed a budget before or if you think your finances are in OK shape, you might be questioning the importance of having a budget. No matter how good or how bad you're finances look right now, budgeting is a key part of reaching your goals and avoiding money problems.

Woman counting money trying to get one month ahead on bills

How to Get One Month Ahead On Bills

By getting a month ahead on your bills, this month you're spending what you earned last month. In addition to having all your bills covered before you get them, you'll feel so much less financial stress. You'll also free yourself up to focus on short term and long term financial goals. But how do you get ahead on your bills? Learn how here.

Woman using the half payment method and a calculator to do her budget

The Half Payment Method for Budgeting Your Money

Making enough money to pay all your bills, but still feeling broke for half the month is a terrible feeling. Because many of us are in a situation where we get more bills during the first half of the month and fewer in the second half, that's exactly what we go through every month. The half payment method is a way to end that and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Creating Your First Budget to Save Money and Cut Spending

How to Create Your First Budget in 4 Simple Steps

Creating a budget is one of the best things you can do to meet your financial goals whether you're struggling financially or not. But if you've never created a budget before, the idea of setting it up and following it religiously might make you shudder. It's really not that hard once you get started, though. Learn how to create your first budget and start a budget today!

Learn What the Purpose of Budgeting is and why It's Important

What Is The Purpose of a Budget?

Most people think that budgeting is just tracking your income and expenses. Yes, budgets do help you track your income and your spending. They can also get you out of debt, keep you living within your means, help you generate wealth, and more. Check out the many purposes budgets serve and why they're so important to your financial future.

Budget Methods You Can Use to Manage Your Money Better

10 Different Budget Methods to Get Your Financial Life on Track

Setting a budget and sticking to it are hard! There are many different approaches to budgeting and there is no one best way. If you've never been good at budgeting or don't know where to start, check out these budget methods. You'll find at least one of these budgeting techniques will fit your lifestyle and be easier for you to stick to.

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