Cinematic Misfires: 18 Movies You’ll Wish You’d Avoided

In the 1980s, movie magic was all the rage. We got hits like “The Breakfast Club” and “E.T.” But, as in any era, not every film was destined for Oscar greatness. Some were so uniquely terrible that they deserved their own walk of shame. Let’s journey down the rabbit hole into the land of ’80s cinematic disasters.

The Blunder of “Mac and Me”

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Here we have a boy-meets-alien story that desperately wanted to be another E.T. Instead, the audience was graced with an alien that resembled a sad, forgotten party balloon. Throw in a bizarre dance number in the middle of McDonald’s, and you have a recipe for instant facepalming. Why, ’80s, why?  

Howard the Duck’s Extended Bizarre Ride

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm.

An extraterrestrial duck named Howard making a surprise entry onto Earth – the stuff of legends, or perhaps, nightmares? But audiences got an eye sore instead of a fun, fish-out-of-water tale. Howard’s bizarre appearance was one thing, but adding a human-duck love storyline was another. It’s one of those films where someone throws every wild idea at the wall to see what sticks. Unfortunately, not much did.  

Superman IV’s Extended Noble Fail

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

In theory, Superman trying to rid the world of nuclear threats paints a noble picture. But the devil is in the details – or, in this case, the shoddy execution. The special effects felt like they were pulled straight from a kid’s crayon box. And don’t get us started on Superman fixing the Great Wall of China with just his eyes. Coupled with odd character developments and cringeworthy moments, audiences weren’t just scratching their heads but facepalming.  

Xanadu’s Extended Dizzy Spin

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

Olivia Newton-John roller-skating her way into our hearts should’ve been the stuff of disco dreams. With musical numbers popping left and right, the film promised a magical musical ride. Instead, audiences got an unclear plot that hopped between periods and musical styles, leaving many feeling they’d been on a bad roller coaster – dizzy and not in a good way.  

The Gross Side of “The Garbage Pail Kids Movie” Expanded

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Trading cards turned movie – intriguing, right? Yet, when these grotesque puppet kids made it onto the screen, they were, quite frankly, the stuff of nightmares. Instead of the humorous and cheeky fun of the cards, we got disturbing visuals, a plot that wandered aimlessly, and jokes that felt like they were scooped from the bottom of the barrel.   

Diving Deeper Into “Jaws: The Revenge”

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

By the time the fourth entry of the shark attack saga came around, audiences were hoping for a fresh wave of suspense. But logic took a backseat in this one. Sharks hold grudges now? Between the laughable plot and the rubbery shark effects, viewers might have been rooting for the fish.  

Leonard Part 6’s Extended Espionage Misadventure

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

Mixing espionage with humor isn’t easy, and boy, did this one prove it. Bill Cosby’s attempt at a quirky secret agent landed more in the zone of “bizarre” than “hilarious.” Between battling vegetarian zealots and riding an ostrich, Leonard was less James Bond and more confused circus ringleader.  

The Longer Drive of Caddyshack II’s Uninspired Swing

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Building on the comedic gold of the original, this sequel took a mighty swing and landed in the bunker. Missing most of the original cast was a letdown, but the newer characters and forced jokes turned the delightful golf chaos of the first into a monotonous round on a lackluster course. This film proves that sequels are never as good as the original movies.  

Bolero’s Even Longer Tiresome Journey

Photo Credit: The Cannon Group.

Sensuality, adventure, and self-discovery are compelling elements for a film. But in Bolero, these themes dragged on in endless scenes that felt more sleep-inducing than sensual. Characters lacked depth, and the story felt disjointed, leading to many yawns in the theater. There’s a reason that almost everyone has forgotten about this movie!  

Deep Into “Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death”

Photo Credit: Paramount Home Entertainment.

The title alone screams campy fun. And yet, with the promise of quirky humor and a zany plot, it still left many viewers wanting. While there’s a dash of satire about gender roles, the random storyline and over-the-top performances turned a potential cult classic into an avocado mash of confusion.  

The Trouble With “Maximum Overdrive’s” Short Circuit

Photo Credit: Lorimar Television.

The idea of machines going rogue and wreaking havoc screams potential. However, “Maximum Overdrive” skidded off the track. From a homicidal soda machine to a malevolent electric knife, it seemed like the film was trying too hard to be eccentric. Although the AC/DC tracks were good, the overall experience was as jarring as a truck horn at midnight.  

A Closer Look At “The Adventures of Pluto Nash’s” Misguided Voyage

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Eddie Murphy, with his unparalleled comic flair, has brought us classics. Yet, even he couldn’t salvage this trip to the moon. The futuristic lunar cityscape was visually attractive, but the plot took a nosedive with weird choices and jokes that fell flatter than an asteroid crater. This adventure was less “blast off” and more “system malfunction.”  

Decoding Sheena’s Jumbled Jungle Antics

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures.

Taking comic tales to the cinema can be a win. “Sheena,” however, missed the bullseye. While the jungle setting was lush, the action felt limp. The audience expected a fierce jungle queen, but instead, they got lost in a maze of patchy plot twists and lackadaisical action scenes.  

The Not-So-Gripping Grapple of “Over the Top”

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Picture this: Sylvester Stallone in a high-octane… arm wrestling showdown? Yeah, this film is as lackluster and bland as it sounds. The blend of family drama with intense arm wrestling bouts felt jarringly off-beat. While Stallone tried to flex his dramatic muscles, the film’s essence got lost in a sweaty tangle of limbs.  

Breaking Down “Teen Wolf Too’s” Muffled Howl

Photo Credit: Atlantic Releasing Corporation.

Taking the werewolf concept to college could’ve been a fresh twist. Instead, we got an oddly placed boxing subplot and a narrative that lacked the bite of its predecessor. The charm and relatability of the original were notably absent, leaving audiences wishing for a silver bullet to end the sequel’s misery.  

Wandering Through “Ishtar’s” Humor Desert

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

Two bumbling musicians lost in a desert sounds ripe for comedy gold. Unfortunately, “Ishtar” was more sand than sparkle. With its humor proving as thirsty as the film’s desolate setting, audiences were left thirsting for genuine laughs and a clear direction. It could’ve been a really great film, but it ended up being anything but that.  

Navigating the Confusing Galaxy of “Star Wars Holiday Special”

Photo Credit: CBS.

For “Star Wars” fans, this was supposed to be a festive treat. Yet, bizarre segments like a Wookiee family soap opera and unsettling musical numbers turned it into a head-scratching anomaly in the Star Wars universe. Instead of cheering for the rebels, viewers found themselves navigating this clumsy asteroid field of a special.  

“Gymkata’s” Awkward Martial Arts Mashup

Photo Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Marrying gymnastics with martial arts could have been an innovative cinematic treat, but “Gymkata” left audiences in disbelief and stifled giggles. The protagonist uses pommel horse routines to defeat foes in village brawls, and the plot about a deadly game in a fictional country is as flimsy as a worn-out gym mat. Instead of a graceful cinematic routine, we got an awkward tumble of action and drama.

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