“Absolutely Unhinged”: 18 Completely Insane Movies That Made Viewers Sick

We all have those moments when the credits roll and our brains are a whirlwind of confusion. Sometimes, we stumble upon films so offbeat that they make us wonder if the director was in on some cosmic joke. So, if you’re ready for movies that make you go, “huh?” here are 18 movie oddballs that had us questioning our very grip on reality.


The Lobster’s Quirky Love Story

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In “The Lobster,” our leading man, Colin Farrell, faces an unimaginable dilemma. The society he lives in demands you find a partner, or you’ll be transformed into an animal you choose. His choice? A lobster. As we follow his journey, we get a satirical look at societal expectations and the lengths some go to avoid loneliness. It’s not your traditional love story.


Peekaboo! Inside John Malkovich’s Mind

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John Cusack plays a down-and-out puppeteer who discovers a literal door into the mind of actor John Malkovich in the eccentric film “Being John Malkovich.” What starts as a curious peek into the mind of a celebrity quickly becomes a business venture, where paying customers can experience being Malkovich for 15 minutes. The lines blur between identity, possession, and desire in this wholly original cinematic experience.


Swiss Army Man and the Farting Corpse

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Stranded on an island, Paul Dano’s character finds an unexpected companion in the form of a corpse, portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe. But this isn’t just any corpse. With a knack for flatulence and other peculiar skills, the body becomes his best chance for survival. They develop a unique bond, discussing life, love, and loneliness, making “Swiss Army Man” a strangely heartfelt tale.


Primer’s Web of Time Loops

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Two engineers accidentally invent a time machine in their garage in “Primer.” As they start to exploit the machine, they create countless diverging timelines. This indie film, made on a shoestring budget, is a complex narrative puzzle. It challenges viewers to decipher the ever-expanding web of temporal loops and consequences.


Scarlett’s Alien Antics in Under the Skin

Photo Credit: StudioCanal.

“Under the Skin” gives us an otherworldly Scarlett Johansson. As an extraterrestrial being in human form, she cruises around Scotland seducing men, only to lead them to a grim fate. It’s a haunting and atmospheric film, rich in symbolism and commentary on human nature. The chilling score and stunning visuals make this an ethereal, mind-bending journey.


Lynch’s Eerie Baby Drama, Eraserhead

Photo Credit: Libra Films.

“Eraserhead” is pure David Lynch. It’s dark, dreamlike, and deeply unsettling. The story revolves around Henry Spencer, a man grappling with unexpected fatherhood. But the baby is no ordinary child, and its constant cries drive the narrative into nightmarish scenarios. It’s a surreal examination of the anxieties of parenthood wrapped in a package of industrial despair.


Donnie Darko’s Time-Travel Tango

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“Donnie Darko” mixes teen angst with the supernatural. Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, Donnie, experiences bizarre visions led by a mysterious figure in a rabbit costume. As he grapples with these visions, a plane engine crashes into his room, setting off a series of events that challenge the boundaries of space and time. It’s a moody, atmospheric trip with a cult following.


Jennifer Lawrence’s Uninvited Guests in Mother!

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Darren Aronofsky’s “Mother!” is a whirlwind of symbolism. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, the story unfolds in a secluded house where she and her husband seem peaceful. But when unexpected guests arrive, chaos ensues. This intense psychological thriller examines creation, destruction, and devotion, making viewers question what they’ve just witnessed.


Dial ‘Weird’ with Sorry to Bother You

Photo Credit: Significant Productions.

In “Sorry to Bother You,” Lakeith Stanfield plays a telemarketer who discovers the secret to success is using his “white voice.” The film satirizes corporate culture, racial identity, and capitalism in a wildly imaginative setting. Throw in horse-human hybrids and a revolutionary uprising, and you’ve got one of the most unique movies of recent times!


Dreamy Detours of Mulholland Drive

Photo Credit: StudioCanal.

David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive” is a surreal exploration of Hollywood’s underbelly. Naomi Watts plays an aspiring actress who gets tangled in a web of dreams, illusions, and identity shifts after meeting an amnesiac woman. The narrative zigzags between reality and dreamlike sequences, making viewers question what’s real and what’s fake in the world of showbiz.


Birdman’s Surreal Skies

Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight.

Michael Keaton delivers an unforgettable performance as Riggan, a has-been actor. Now, Riggan hopes to rekindle his career glory with a challenging Broadway play. But reality and illusion blur as he grapples with inner demons, an ever-demanding cast, and the haunting voice of his old character. It’s a great blend of theatre and real life. 


Upstream Color’s Emotional Whirlpool

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“Upstream Color” weaves a captivating narrative around two souls connected by a mysterious lifecycle involving pigs and orchid-harvesting thieves. The film examines ove, trauma, and control, challenging viewers to piece together its intricate tapestry. In the enigma, it poses profound questions about identity and connection, leaving a mark on its audience.


Natalie Portman’s Expedition in Annihilation

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“Annihilation” drags us into the eerie world of The Shimmer, a mysterious zone teeming with beautiful yet mutated flora and fauna. As a biologist with a personal stake, Natalie Portman goes with her team into this unknown, confronting both external threats and internal turmoil. The film mixes existential dread with awe-inspiring visuals, crafting a unique sci-fi masterpiece.


Mysteries Afoot in The Holy Mountain

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Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “The Holy Mountain” is a fever dream of symbolism and allegory. Following an alchemist and his newly-found protege, we see seven materialistic individuals’ quest for enlightenment. From conquering planets to bizarre rituals, the film is a vivid exploration of spiritual journeys and human desires, challenging cinema conventions.


Inland Empire’s Twisting Tunnels

Photo Credit: StudioCanal.

David Lynch’s “Inland Empire” thrusts us into an unpredictable narrative starring Laura Dern as an actress who loses herself in a role. Reality becomes a fractured, dreamlike landscape as her character’s world intersects with her own. This three-hour epic, shot in an unconventional way, is a mind-bending experience, offering puzzles within puzzles.


The Fountain’s Odyssey of Love and Time

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

“The Fountain” spans multiple timelines, from a conquistador’s quest for the Tree of Life to a futuristic traveler journeying to a dying star. At its heart, it’s about one man’s (Hugh Jackman) eternal love for his ailing wife and his desperate attempts to defy death. Visually striking and narratively complex, it invites viewers on a poignant exploration of love, mortality, and rebirth.


Antichrist’s Haunting Woods

Photo Credit: Zentropa.

Lars von Trier’s “Antichrist” looks at the darkest corners of grief and despair. Following a tragic loss, a couple seeks peace in a remote cabin named Eden. But instead of healing, the woods amplify their anguish, giving rise to psychological and physical horrors. This film artfully blends stunning visuals with deeply unsettling themes, creating an intensely provocative experience.


A Ghost Story’s Silent Reflection

Photo Credit: A24.

In “A Ghost Story,” Casey Affleck wears a simple white sheet, portraying a ghost bound to his former home. Through his silent observations, the film explores time, legacy, and the transient nature of existence. Whether witnessing fleeting moments or centuries, this ghostly presence reminds us of the beauty and melancholy of life.

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