Decoding the Donald: 18 Unconventional Spending Habits Defining Trump

When it comes to spending, Donald Trump is arguably one of the most scrutinized figures in recent American history. While much has been reported about his business ventures and political investments, there’s another side to Trump’s financial life that tends to go under the radar: his spending habits. From buying luxury items to supporting particular causes, the former president’s financial decisions offer a glimpse into his priorities, personal tastes, and even his approach to money management. Let’s take a detailed look at 18 of Trump’s most surprising spending habits to understand the man behind the mogul better.

Private Jets Before the Presidency

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Before taking office, Trump was well-known for flying in style on his Boeing 757, complete with gold-plated fixtures and luxurious accommodations. The decision to maintain a private jet, especially one of such grandeur, reveals more than just a preference for opulence—it showcases a belief in the power of personal branding and image cultivation.  

Golf Course Investments

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Trump has invested heavily in golf courses worldwide, from Scotland to Dubai. For him, these are recreational spaces, strategic investments, and symbols of luxury and exclusivity. They serve as platforms for networking, deal-making, and maintaining his elite status.  

Luxury Homes

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Trump’s real estate portfolio is filled with luxury properties, each more extravagant than the last. From penthouses in New York City to mansions in Florida, these homes aren’t just living spaces but statements of wealth and power. The extent he goes to adorn them reveals a flair for the theatrical and ostentatious.  

Personalized Merchandise

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The former president has ventured into various branded merchandise, from Trump Steaks to Trump Water. While some of these efforts have been less successful than others, they underline his unwavering belief in the marketability of his name and image.  

Legal Expenses

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Trump has often spent significant sums on legal matters. Whether it’s business disputes, political challenges, or personal issues, he’s no stranger to the inside of a courtroom. This willingness to litigate may signal a combative approach to resolving conflicts and protecting his interests.  

Beauty Pageants

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One of Trump’s lesser-known investments includes stakes in beauty pageants. Aside from the entertainment factor, these events offer another avenue for brand promotion and networking opportunities, aligning with his business interests and penchant for the spotlight.  

Television Production

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Before his presidency, Trump found fame on reality TV, most notably through “The Apprentice.” His spending on television production goes beyond mere entertainment; it is a strategic move to control his narrative and maintain public visibility.  

Political Campaign Financing

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Trump has been known to invest significant amounts in his political campaigns, often framing himself as a self-funded outsider. His willingness to pour his resources into his political ambitions suggests a calculated risk and a belief in the power of financial backing.  

Donation Patterns

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Despite his immense wealth, Trump is not widely known for philanthropy. The causes and institutions he supports often align closely with his business or political interests, offering insights into his strategic approach to goodwill.  

Skyscraper Investments

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One cannot overlook Trump’s affinity for skyscrapers. Towers branded with his name are scattered around the globe. These towering structures are more than real estate investments; they are monumental testaments to his ambition and desire for lasting impact.  

Personal Branding Efforts

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From books to speaking engagements, Trump spends considerable amounts to maintain and promote his brand. He seems to view his life story and business acumen as commodities that can be packaged and sold.  

Luxury Cars

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Trump has an impressive collection of luxury cars. These aren’t just modes of transport; they’re another extension of his lavish lifestyle and a testament to his appreciation for high-end engineering and design.  

Fast Food Love

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Interestingly, Trump has a well-documented love for fast food. While this might seem at odds with his luxury lifestyle, it humanizes him and is relatable for many Americans. His affinity for fast food reveals an interesting dichotomy; it highlights a more down-to-earth side that contrasts the often-extravagant nature of his other spending habits.  

Security Measures

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As a high-profile figure, Trump has invested heavily in personal security before and after his presidency. The scale of this investment signifies the value he places on personal safety and privacy. These security measures often extend beyond just bodyguards, involving sophisticated surveillance systems and specialized vehicles, underlining his comprehensive approach to security.  


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Trump’s hairstyle has been a subject of public discussion and even mockery. But his distinct look isn’t maintained cheaply, highlighting personal grooming details that many might overlook. Despite the jokes and memes, the fact remains that he spends a significant amount of money to maintain his unique hairstyle, indicating a personal brand he wishes to preserve.  

Family Involvement in Businesses

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He has often involved his children in his business ventures, putting money behind their initiatives and projects. This showcases a familial approach to wealth, where business and family life intertwine. It suggests a long-term vision of his financial empire as a family legacy, something to be built upon and passed down through generations.  

Relationships and Marriages

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Though less talked about, Trump has been known to spend generously on relationships, including extravagant gifts and getaways. The spending choices in his personal life might explain his emotional priorities and values. Whether diamond jewelry or luxurious vacations, Trump’s relationships seem to come with a financial investment that aligns with his high-flying lifestyle.  

Entertainment Choices

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Last but not least, Trump’s spending on entertainment—from luxury boxes at sports events to VIP experiences at shows—indicates not just a taste for the finer things in life but also a desire to be seen at high-profile events, further cementing his status as a public figure. Whether it’s front-row seats at a Broadway show or VIP tickets to a boxing match, Trump’s entertainment spending is another way he builds and maintains his public persona.

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