Defying the Norms: 18 Millennial Trends Many Women Are Skipping

Every generation brings its unique set of trends and fads, and the Millennial generation is no exception. From social media challenges to fashion statements, these trends have garnered a massive following. However, for various reasons ranging from personal beliefs to sheer disinterest, many women have chosen not to participate in some of these widely-popular Millennial trends. Let’s delve into 18 of these phenomena.

High-Waisted Shorts

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While many laud high-waisted shorts for their retro vibes and versatility, there’s a considerable number of women who find them uncomfortable or unsuitable for their body types. For some, it’s simply a matter of taste.  

The “No-Makeup” Makeup Look

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This trend, which involves using multiple products to achieve a natural, fresh-faced appearance, can be time-consuming. Many women find it paradoxical and prefer either a full makeup look or none at all.  

Extreme Nail Art

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While nail art has taken social media by storm, some women opt for simpler manicures. The potential damage from heavy embellishments and the required upkeep makes this trend less appealing to many.  

Charcoal Face Masks

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Touted for their detoxifying properties, these masks also became infamous for being painful to remove. The potential skin irritations have led several women to steer clear of this skincare trend.  

Viral Dance Challenges

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Platforms like TikTok have popularized numerous dance challenges. While entertaining, not everyone feels compelled to learn and showcase their dance moves online, preferring to enjoy as spectators.  

Keto Diet

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This low-carb, high-fat diet trend has its share of both advocates and critics. Concerns about its long-term effects and the restrictive nature have made many women skeptical about jumping on the keto bandwagon.  

The “VSCO Girl” Trend

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Originating from the VSCO photo-editing app, this trend encompasses a specific aesthetic, including oversized shirts and Hydro Flasks. However, some women find it too prescriptive and choose to curate their style.  

Booty Workouts

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While there’s a push towards achieving a particular body shape, many women opt for holistic fitness routines, prioritizing health and overall well-being over conforming to a specific physical ideal.  

Fake Freckles

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Using makeup to mimic freckles has gained popularity, but many women feel it’s an unnecessary addition to their makeup routine or find it inauthentic.  

Fast Fashion

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Despite the allure of constantly updating wardrobes, concerns about environmental impact and sustainability have made many women gravitate towards quality over quantity, embracing slow fashion.  

Intermittent Fasting

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While some swear by its health benefits, others find intermittent fasting too restrictive or incompatible with their lifestyles and nutritional needs.  

Influencer Lifestyle

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The glamorized life of influencers, complete with brand endorsements and curated feeds, doesn’t resonate with everyone. Some women prioritize authenticity and offline experiences.  

Eyebrow Microblading

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Though it promises perfect brows, concerns about the semi-permanent nature, potential side effects, and the changing brow trends make many women hesitant.  

Subscription Boxes

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The allure of monthly surprises can be enticing, but the accumulation of potentially unwanted items and the environmental impact has made some women reconsider this trend.  

Elaborate Gender Reveal Parties

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While cute in theory, concerns about setting early gender expectations and the sometimes dangerous execution methods have made some families opt for more private or low-key announcements.  

Waist Trainers

Promoted by various celebrities, waist trainers have faced scrutiny for their potential health risks and for promoting unrealistic body standards.  

Overfilled Lips

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Lip fillers have become a beauty standard for many, but the fear of overdoing it, potential complications, and the desire for natural beauty keeps many women away.  

Essential Oils for Everything

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While many vouch for the varied uses of essential oils, from aromatherapy to skincare, some women remain skeptical about their proclaimed benefits, preferring established medical treatments or simpler skincare routines.

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