How to Deal with Lowball Offers on Poshmark

How to Deal with Lowball Offers on Poshmark

One unfortunate part of selling clothes or accessories on Poshmark is lowball offers. No matter how trendy or in demand your items are, eventually someone will come along and make a really low offer. You don’t have to settle for these lowball offers and you can actually convert some to sales if you know how.

9 YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face

Starting a YouTube channel can be fun and financially rewarding. Some YouTubers make more money than celebrities and professional athletes. But what if you don’t want to be on camera? There are a number of different ways to start a channel and create popular videos without showing your face.

How Much to Charge for Music Lessons

How Much to Charge for Music Lessons

Making money teaching music can be fun and rewarding, both financially and personally. If you have a talent for piano, guitar, drums, or any other instrument, you can earn extra money or a full-time income giving lessons. Learn how much you can charge for music lessons.

23 High Paying In Demand Freelance Skills

In Demand Freelance Skills

Freelancing is an excellent way to leverage your existing skills to work for yourself. You can freelance in your spare time as a side hustle to make more money or you can make a full time income. Find out which skills are always in demand, how to learn the skills you need, and where to find lucrative freelance opportunities.

Garage Sale Hacks: 12 Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

Homemade cardboard garage sale sign.

Having a garage sale is a good way to declutter your house. It’s also a good way to make some extra cash. To make the most of your garage sale, you need a plan. Here is the playbook I’ve put together after having had many yard sales and garage sales over the years.

Get Paid to Lose Weight: How to Make Money Losing Weight

Get Paid to Lose Weight

Sticking to a diet and exercise program is hard! When we’re trying to lose weight, we need every ounce of motivation we can muster. Money is a powerful motivator and luckily there are several ways you can earn cash for losing weight.