Energy saving tips before renting a house

Energy saving tips before renting a house

There are many reasons why a person can decide on a house, but in these times the optimization of expenses, not just the change, but the daily use of the new home, are criteria to take into account before renting.

That is why I suggest that, before making the final decision, you carefully analyze certain aspects that are sometimes relegated when signing a rental contract.

Energy saving tips before you rent a house

1- Look at the thermal characteristics of the building. A well-insulated house consumes half the energy of one that is not to maintain the same interior temperature. The insulation of walls and ceilings protects from cold, heat and noise. Depending on the date of construction and the technique used, its walls may have an air chamber, a very effective resource used in the most recent buildings. In any case, if the house has thermal insulation you can save up to 50% on heating and cooling.

2- Stop to evaluate the state of conservation of the windows, doors and shutter drums that, if they are poorly adjusted, cause drafts and leaks that will multiply your expenses for air conditioning. If the house has a double glass system, much better.

3- If you live in a cold country, take into account the existence of a carpet. This element, more than decorative or comfortable, is an irreplaceable insulator that reduces heat loss through the floor.

4- Remember that air conditioning and water heating systems are more efficient if they use solar energy or gas than if they consume electricity.

5- How much can you save on electricity for lights? To do this, it takes into account the natural light that enters through doors and windows and if it is necessary to replace the existing light bulbs with other low-consumption ones. It is also advisable to use automatic switches or proximity detectors and that an electric photocell be used in exterior lights to program the on and off, as well as sodium lamps instead of mercury lamps.

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