Five homemade tricks for home organization

Five homemade tricks for home organization

Who has not ever thought about what to do with some devices that we have at home, and that we are unable to organize? “If I had a bigger closet, if I could fill a few more drawers…” However, many times the solutions are closer than we think.

If we follow some tips that help us organize some of the things we use in our day to day, not only will we have everything more collected, but it will also be much more useful when it comes to finding each product and taking advantage of it. Here are some ideas: 

1  A magnetic box for makeup : How many times have we thought about what will happen the day that we can no longer fill our makeup case or what will happen when that drawer does not admit one more lipstick? Not to mention that it is very difficult to find exactly the painting we want when we are in a hurry. What solution do we have? Without a doubt, a magnetic painting. We can put this on the wall, and add a magnet to each make-up product so that it stays fixed and we can not only have it collected, but also within reach of our hand at a glance. 

2  Cooler for decorations: The same thing happens with costume jewelry . Many times we accumulate rings and bracelets for years that we cannot store anywhere. To have them at hand and above all, organized , we can adhere to the ice bucket tactic . Just as we put water in it to freeze, we can also use some that does not serve as an improvised jewelry box. 

3 Closet doors for scarves : Scarves, shawls, scarves… those decorations that we love to complement our looks deserve more than a forgotten corner of a drawer. Besides, how are we going to see them if not? For this reason, in this case we bet on placing them one by one on the cabinet doors through hooks that make them remain hanging and placed at the same time. 

4 Magnetic band for hairpins : As happens with makeup, the hair ornaments that we use to complement our hairstyles usually number in the thousands. So that they do not end up lost and we have them in sight, we can add a small band to our magnetic frame in which to place the hairpins , the eyebrow tweezers and the rest of the gadgets that we need to be beautiful and that we may need in a given moment for the hair . 

5 Baskets for hair dryers and straighteners : Hair dryer, straighteners, tongs, combs… how many things does a woman need to do her hair ? Infinite. And above all, if they have a cable and need a plug, so it is necessary that they do not get tangled up with each other. For that, taking advantage of the space of the cabinet doors, or of some of the house or even on the wall, we can incorporate an individual basket for each appliance. In this way it will be completely organized and separated, and very close at hand for use. 

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