12 Frugal Tips That Drive People Insane Because They Don’t Work (For Them)!

Pinching pennies, picking up nickels on the sidewalk, and opting for cheaper options to save five dollars at the end of the year help people save money and stay frugal, but are there any that don’t work? The internet banded together to share their least favorite frugal tips.

Cheap Shampoo

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Investing in dollar-store shampoo or bargain department bottles may save an excessive amount of money at the store, but does it benefit your wallet? A few users claim they will never buy cheap shampoo because it ruins their hair, and the thin solution evaporates in their hands, causing them to buy more products than they need.


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Another person says they adore the idea of finding a quality coupon but can’t seem to find legit ones. Every saver they stumble upon is unusable, expired, or fake.

Grow Your Food

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Unless you have a bright green thumb and a lot of resources/land to cultivate your garden, this tip isn’t realistic, according to the thread. In addition to the money and patience this hobby calls for, you have to allot countless hours to ensure your plants receive the quality care they need. Most people don’t have that time between their jobs and families.


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If you’re a social butterfly and don’t mind others invading your space, roommates are a fabulous option to cut living costs and transportation plans with. If you’re an introverted homebody, you might need to research studio apartments or single-living options.

Someone recalls their horrid roommate experience that escalated into violence, followed by another intrusive roommate who disrupted their daily life. It may be cheaper, but is it worth your sanity?


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“It’s great if you’re on a smaller size, which is cool. You’ll have lots of options and can take things in. I wear 14-16, L-XL depending on brands. My options are all either really short things, really out-of-style things, or just unavailable because they’re already gone.

And now, with the resale market booming, the good stuff is gone off the racks quickly, and I’m not willing to pay $12 for an old navy shirt that I can buy on sale for $5.99. All good brands are gone before I even get there,” a retired thrifter claims.

Keeping Up With Your Pool

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When investing in a pool, customers must consider upkeep and maintenance before inserting the splash pad into their property. A pool owner recalls that their bills faced an uptick when they took over their own pool cleaning. Another suggests those who know how to clean their pools understand the science behind cleanliness, an attribute only some have.

Buying in Bulk

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Pursuing a Costco or Sam’s Club membership invites you to browse bulk items for an annual fee. Of course, these types of memberships are great if you have a large family or are planning a celebration or party. Still, if you have a small family, you might struggle to get through all of the food without producing a considerable amount of waste.

Cheap Hotels

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Cheap hotels are not fun. “I would rather live/stay in an airport terminal than a cheap bed bug museum. And I have,” a world traveler admits. I agree.

Stop Dining Out

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I’ve found many beings that stand by this tip don’t have families to feed. “Listen, my wife, and I try to make meals stretch and cook at home, but we have kids! Four of them! All with different schedules.

We use fast food as a tool rather than a lazy way out. However, feeding everyone and running all day with practice, school, pick up, and games can be very difficult,” a parent explains.

Exercise Outside

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How about you take a walk in the summer breeze or bike by the pier? Great idea for people who don’t live in sweltering summer heat or brisk winter cold.

“Gym membership is a great value. It cost me a little over a dollar a day. I get access to a pool, locker room, shower, bathroom, all the machines, all the weights, an indoor basketball court, and other people to play basketball with, and I can bring a guest with me any time. As long as I can use it regularly, a gym membership is one of the last expenses I’m willing to cut,” a respondent responds.

Cutting Your Hair

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Save money by making your own mullet! Barbershops and hairdressers can be costly, but would you rather look like a “human Q-tip” or have a stylish haircut?

Save Money

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The best tip in all money-saving tips is just to save it. Well, how do you save money when you live paycheck to paycheck or aren’t capable of setting aside funds for whichever reason?



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