Has a heel broken? Do not panic: home remedies to get out of trouble

Has a heel broken? Do not panic: home remedies to get out of trouble

The heels in the shoes are, fortunately or unfortunately, a characteristic element that is generally associated with femininity. Surely you have (or have had) a pair of those that when you get on them you feel like the queen of the world. But it’s always the same, they break at the worst time: when you’re walking into that trendy joint in a cute outfit or when you’re on your way to work. Has a heel broken? Do not panic. Take note of these home remedies to get out of trouble. 

Fix your heel with these home remedies

If you don’t want to spoil your shoe, when it breaks, don’t forget to recover all the heel pieces! Clean them well and keep them in a safe place because if not, goodbye shoes. And when you get back home, these home remedies to fix heels will come in handy. 

Glue fixes everything

The first technique that we propose can work well if you have a little skill. At home, you should always have a strong glue on hand -much better if it is shoe glue- to have an immediate solution to the dreaded breakage. When you master this technique, you will be an expert shoemaker. 

1 The first thing you need to do is clean and file both sides of the heel to create a texture for the glue to grab onto. 

2 Pour the glue and bring the loose part of the heel closer to the rest of the shoe . This is a tricky step, as you have to try to get it perfectly aligned. 

3 Once fitted, press firmly and hold until the glue dries.

4 To finish and give it a more professional touch: put a small layer of glue on the nails that have been left in sight and use a hammer to fit them into the corresponding holes.

Trick so that you don’t notice that your heel has broken: use a permanent marker of the same color to paint over the areas where a mark has been left. When you put them on for the first time, be a little more careful when walking. 

The importance of caps

A very effective homemade alternative to extend the life of our high-heeled shoes is to carefully maintain the tops. We can get them very cheaply on the internet or at a repair shop. To do this, you should only have the measurement of the size of your heel as a reference . Take note of this home remedy to replace your worn heel caps:

1 Place the jaws of a pair of pliers on the worn cap.

2 Grasp it completely – being careful not to grab other parts of the shoe – and remove it. You should keep in mind that these pieces are set to stay firmly in place, so the process may take some time and effort.

3 Finally, place the new cover, using a hammer for its correct location.

The next time you go out… take a second pair of shoes just in case! 

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