Home remedies for sofa stains: your armchair, like new

Home remedies for sofa stains: your armchair, like new

The sofa is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the home. Use that is increased exponentially if both children and adolescents live in the house. From this fact it derives that it constitutes a part of the furniture that tends to get dirty quite easily and that, therefore, requires specific care when it is stained in multiple ways, be it by food, drink, ink or the mere accumulation of dirt. We can use a series of home remedies in order for our sofa to recover its splendor and, in addition, to look as new as possible.

Remove stains from the sofa with home remedies

The process through which we can remove grease stains from the upholstery of the sofa is very similar to the one we could use when it comes to clothing. Given the case, a very effective home remedy is to take some kitchen paper and lightly tap on the area affected by dirt, so that as much fat as possible is absorbed. Once this task is finished, we have to sprinkle talcum powdercornstarch or fuller’s earth . We must wait for the grease to dry and finally vacuum with the dusting brush.

For the regular maintenance of the sofa, we can use a homemade alternative that results in the application of a kind of cleaning product made with a liter of water and half a cup of white vinegar. Once the combination is complete, we have to apply the resulting liquid on the stains that we intend to remove, rub with a white cloth and let dry for a few minutes. Finally, we must pass a brush with soft and smooth bristles.

If the sofa has ink stains, it will be very important to know what type of ink is causing the problem. If it is washable ink, you can remove the remains of dirt using just a little soapy water. If it is, however, non-washable ink, you will need to invest a little more effort. A common home remedy for these cases results in the use of a cotton pad moistened with a little alcohol. We have to apply it directly on the stain and, later, rub with a white cloth until the complete elimination of the remains of ink.

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