Home remedies to clean coats

Home remedies to clean coats

One of the most complicated garments to clean is, without a doubt, the coat . This is why, on an annual basis, we usually take it to a specialized store so that they can take care of removing any residue or dirt that has accumulated over the winter. However, dry cleaners are not usually cheap, especially considering that on many occasions it is not only our coats but also those of children. In the following, we are going to present a series of remedies aimed at carrying out these tasks in our home .

Clean our coats with home remedies

Wool coats, especially black ones, tend to end up full of lint and dust, often shortly after being worn. A quick, easy and homemade way to remove these particles is to roll up a bit of tape or packing paper in your hand and press it along the length and breadth of the coat. In this way, the dirt will remain on the adhesive part of these papers and you will be able to show off your garment in a clean and impeccable way. In a very similar sense, we can also use a brush throughout the coat in order to remove any particles that have been stuck.

If we have a food or grease stain, we can use a home remedy consisting of immersing the coat in a sink full of cold water, later adding a little specific detergent for garments made with wool. Once completely submerged, we will squeeze it and turn it so that both soap and water penetrate cleaning all areas. Once this process is finished, we will empty the battery and fill it with water again in order to rinse all the soap.

If the coat is made of fur, we must let the stains dry before applying any homemade trick to eliminate them. We can pass a vacuum cleaner to remove the rest of the dirt. If this method is not enough, there is the possibility of applying a small amount of sawdust on the dirt, especially if it has been generated by oil or grease of any kind.

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