Home remedies to cover holes in the wall

Home remedies to cover holes in the wall

We are all concerned about the bad effect that those holes that remain in the wall can cause when we are about to remove a painting or any type of decoration that has remained suspended thanks to the work of a nail, a screw or a spike. This is the reason why we look for some tricks that help us solve this incident in a simple way, and without having to resort to any specialized professional. We offer you some easy home remedies.

Cover holes in the wall with home remedies

A very easy home remedy to prepare to cover the holes in the wall consists of collecting a small amount of breadcrumbs -of any type- make a ball and place it in half a glass of water. We will have to wait a while until the crumbs absorb a sufficient amount of water and, later, insert a piece of this ball into the hole in the wall, so that the front part of it is covered. Once it dries, it will be hard as if it were cement, a moment that we can take advantage of to paint this piece of wall the color we want.

Another very effective home remedy to eliminate the annoying holes that remain in the wall after hanging pictures or posters is to make a consistent and fluid mass by placing it in a container of plaster and water. Once this combination has been made, we will make a ball the size of the hole with kitchen paper, cover it with the resulting dough and insert it into the hole. Finally, we will continue applying plaster in the area until the surface of the wall is completely smooth.

Aguaplast is a relatively cheap and accessible alternative that can help us to cover both holes and small cracks or chips in the wall. It is advisable to buy it in powder as it is much better preserved and cheaper than the one that is already made. Once the dough is prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions, we apply it directly on the hole, smoothing it with a spatula in the case of a smooth wall or simulating gotel√© with our fingers.

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