Home remedies to kill cockroaches

Home remedies to kill cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most annoying insects and the ones we are most likely to find in our homes today. It is so easy to find them given their high capacity to adapt to various types of environments, since they feed on any organic waste such as food scraps, cotton, woolen fabrics, paper, grease, garbage or cardboard. They are more active at night than during the day and usually live on porous surfaces where they leave traces of their scent. This aroma is responsible for attracting other cockroaches to the same area. Although it is very complex to eliminate cockroaches when they have settled in a specific location, we can use a series of home remedies to control these pests to the maximum.

Eliminate cockroaches by using home remedies

A fairly simple home remedy to use as well as accessible is to place chopped bay leaves in all those places where cockroaches can enter. The key to this trick lies in the fact that they are unable to resist the smell of the plant and therefore tend to move away immediately. In a very similar sense we can use lavender branches. This popular plant with a pleasant aroma is, however, quite harmful to the senses of these insects.

Other solutions that we can find to keep cockroaches away from our house consists of making traps . To do this we can take a glass jar, spread its edges with Vaseline and throw pieces of potato, banana or apple inside the jar. In this way, the insects get inside the jar, but then they are unable to escape.

Some heat treatments can also be useful as home remedies to eliminate cockroaches. The ideal results in the use of extreme temperatures, so that we can eliminate insects instantly. We can also locate a mixture of sugar with sodium bicarbonate in the favorite locations of cockroaches, a preparation that is deadly for them given the acidic nature of their stomachs.

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