Home remedies to kill mosquitoes

Home remedies to kill mosquitoes

The arrival of summer usually has as an almost inevitable consequence the return of the annoying mosquitoes , a type of insect that find pleasure and food in the suction of our blood, leaving us, in addition, as terrible present marks on the skin that usually materialize accompanied by strong itching, often almost uncontrollable. There are many techniques to eliminate mosquitoes, from the well-known aerosols to the electric diffusers with chemical components that we can buy in any supermarket. However, we can also deal with these pests by using home remedies.

Fight the appearance of mosquitoes through home remedies

One of the most common and effective home remedies to kill mosquitoes that appear in our homes is vinegar . To use it as a trap, we can pour enough product to cover the bottom of a container and then cover it with a kind of transparent plastic with holes. Insects will be attracted to the smell of the vinegar and will enter the container through the holes. However they will be unable to find their way out. Once it has filled or lost its smell, we must replace the container with another.

Another homemade trick to get rid of mosquito pests is to put a cup full of sugar or fruit juice , preparing it in the same way that we have explained with vinegar. We can add a small amount of soap to both the vinegar and the sugary drink, so that the mosquitoes are trapped in the liquid once they try to drink it.

The key to correctly eliminating mosquitoes from our home is to find out the specific area in which they appear. Both vegetables and fruits in poor condition are usually an invitation to the appearance of these insects, so we can find an effective home remedy in the correct cleaning of the locations where we have placed these products. As a last solution, we can pour a mixture of cleaning alcohol with water into a bottle and, using a sprayer, shoot at the mosquitoes once we see them appear.

And if you arrive late, all you have to do is go to some soothing cream or gel for the sting. We recommend Arkopharma’s Urtikium for being 100% natural plant-based.

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