Home remedies to remove different types of stains on clothes

Home remedies to remove different types of stains on clothes

Stains are a difficult enemy to fight, especially when they affect clothes, since they generally require the use of a lot of detergent and all the patience we can have. To make this task easier for you at home, we present some of the most effective remedies to eliminate those annoying stains, capable of ruining our favorite wardrobe.

Remove stains from clothes with home remedies

1 Ink stains: One of the most recurrent since it has surely filled both our own clothes and those of our children. To get rid of them, we just have to soak a cotton pad with nail polish remover and gently rub the garment.

2 Grease stains: We have to sprinkle them -when they are still fresh- with baby talcum powder, let them dry and brush them, and then put the affected garments directly in the washing machine.

3 Lipstick stains: For this type of stain that is so common, we can use remedies such as a slice of white bread or a non-gel toothpaste.

4 Fruit stains: This is a very complicated type of stain to remove. We have to sprinkle the affected area with lemon juice and rinse it, later, with hot water. If we still haven’t managed to get rid of it, we can try mixing a little ammonia with hydrogen peroxide, rinsing the application with warm water very quickly.

5 Deodorant stains: A homemade trick to combat this type of stain on white fabrics is to wet the garment and rub it with detergent. If the anomaly persists, we can repeat the process by adding a little bleach.

6Dairy stains: The best remedy to remove stains caused by dairy foods is to soak the garment in warm water and a little bioactive detergent for a few minutes. Next, we will rinse it and wash it with the procedure that we usually follow.

7 Sweat stains: We can use talcum powder on both the neck and the cuffs of the garments so that they absorb dirt. If we tend to leave these types of stains on clothes, we can spray the areas that are normally most affected with witch hazel lotion.

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