Home remedies to remove hair and lint

Home remedies to remove hair and lint

Cleaning the home when numerous hairs and lint accumulate, either due to the presence of pets or people with a lot of hair density, can become a real challenge. However, in reality, it does not have to be an excessively extraordinary effort if a series of guidelines are followed to maintain hygiene in our home. For this reason, in what follows we are going to show you some of the most efficient home remedies to eliminate all that dirt generated by the presence of a multitude of hairs and lint.

Remove hair and lint with home remedies

Both the broom , the vacuum cleaner and the mop are the best home remedies to remove all the hair and lint that we can find at home. When this happens, and whenever we have time, it is best to vacuum the floor, armchairs and carpets every day. It is absolutely recommended that the vacuum cleaner contain filters against mites, whose cleaning should be addressed after use. If, in addition, it has a bag, we must discard it once we finish cleaning the home. As far as brooms are concerned, the most effective for this task are the rubber ones since they better collect hair and lint.

In a somewhat exceptional scenario in which we find ourselves without any of the aforementioned utensils, we will have to be creative when it comes to finding home remedies to clean the hair and lint from our home. To do this, we can use domestic objects adapted to remove this kind of dirt. This is the case of lint cleaning rollers or the adhesive tape commonly used for packaging. It is also possible to tackle this cleaning with a rubber glove that is wet.

Finally, a really effective home alternative to combat the appearance of both hair and lint consists of acquiring a pressurized steam machine . It is an extremely effective device to remove not only the remains of hair but also all those mites and bacteria that are not visible to the eye and that tend to accumulate especially when we have pets.

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