Home remedies to remove ticks from cats and dogs

Home remedies to remove ticks from cats and dogs

Pets such as dogs or cats are, on many occasions, part of our family and, consequently, we like to take care of them carefully so that they are comfortable and healthy within the environment that we intend to create for them. One of the factors that can generate greater discomfort is the fact of having parasites such as fleas or ticks. On many occasions, if they are not vaccinated or we cannot use drugs on them, the task of eliminating these annoying bugs is complicated. To do this, we can resort to a series of home remedies that are efficient in carrying out this task.

Remove ticks from our pets with home remedies

One of the most efficient home remedies to get rid of ticks is chamomile. To do this, we can prepare an infusion with this herb and by using gauze or cotton, apply it directly to the skin of our pet. With much more immediacy than we can imagine, we will see how the ticks begin to flee from the body of these animals. In a very similar sense, we can use a mixture of apple cider vinegar with water, a preparation that will make these parasites flee with unusual haste.

Another quite effective homemade alternative in eliminating resident ticks on the skin of our pets is to make a combination of tea tree oil and dishwasher detergent. It is a lethal mixture since the insecticidal and antibacterial properties of tea tree oil produce discomfort in the tick’s body, while the detergent suffocates these parasites.

Including small portions of garlic and yeast in the diet of our pets can be a magnificent home remedy to eliminate the presence of ticks. The scent that will begin to emanate from the animal’s fur will be imperceptible to humans but will immediately repel insects. Finally, we can prevent the presence of these parasites by applying protection to the animal’s skin through the use of different products such as aloe vera, calendula creams or lavender oil.  

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