How often do you have to clean the bathroom? We solve the mystery!

How often do you have to clean the bathroom? We solve the mystery!

Cleanliness is often a reason for discussion between couples. Agreeing on how often to clean can be as complicated as deciding which of the two does it. One says once a week; the other, every two; and your mother, as she could not be otherwise, says that every day.

But, how often do you have to clean the bathroom? And the living room? And the kitchen? Make room in your agenda and take out the scouring pads and mops. We solve the mystery!

How often to clean the bathroom

What a pleasure it is to enter a bathroom and smell clean , right? Well, so that, in addition to smelling, it is very clean, you must take your brush out for a walk at least once a week. In this session you have to pay special attention to the toilet, the sink and the shower. Tile cleaning can be left for once a month.

The toilet has a very bad reputation for being our throne for the most special moment of the day. However, he isn’t as dirty as you might think either. It is enough to clean it once a week , yes, you must do it thoroughly.

Essential tip: before you flush the cistern, make sure the lid is down.

And how often do you have to clean the kitchen?

Since you handle everything you put in your mouth in the kitchen, you need to make sure it’s very clean. In fact, experts recommend cleaning it every day after use, especially countertops, the oven, and the stove.

If you don’t use the kitchen much or are very careful when you do use it, it may only be necessary to sweep twice a week. To prevent your extractor hood from getting two fingers of grease, you should thoroughly wash its surface every two weeks.

And when was the last time you cleaned your microwave? Well, you should do it at least once a week.

The cleaning of the rooms and the hall

Having well-cleaned rooms and living rooms is a must for everyone. But it is even more important in houses where there are people with allergies. The accumulated dust will make them feel worse since they are rooms where we spend a lot of time. Therefore, you should clean the dust once a week.

It will be enough to vacuum once a week and, if one day you see more fluff than usual, you can pass the mop. Houses where there are pets, especially if they shed hair, will need a higher frequency.

Don’t forget that curtains, rugs, and sofa covers can also collect a lot of dirt , so you should wash them about twice a year.

These are the dirtiest objects in the house

Take a look at the following list in which we have collected which are the dirtiest objects you have at home. Pay special attention when cleaning them because they accumulate many bacteria. Some of them will surprise you!

1 The scourer, a nest of dirt

When we tell you how often you should change the scouring pad, you will feel like the dirtiest person on the planet. Did you know that experts recommend changing it every week ? After all, you rub it against the dishes that you later use to eat.

2 Beware of the shower curtain

Shower curtains can become very disgusting if we don’t clean them regularly. Many people forget to wash them and, as a result, set up their own bacteria farm. A good wash every two weeks will help you avoid it.

3 The sheets accumulate bacteria

Do you change the sheets once a week? So, our congratulations because you’re doing well.

4 As for the towels…

In order not to dry yourself with a piece of cloth full of bacteria, it is advisable to wash it every three uses, approximately. And if they start to smell bad, it means that by now they should be in the washing machine.   

5 the computer keyboard

If you knew how dirty your computer keyboard accumulates, you would take cleaning it a little more seriously. To avoid this, clean it every few days with a slightly damp cloth. Don’t forget to clean the office computer either, especially if you share it.

6 The fridge is always clean.

Considering that you keep your food in the fridge, don’t you think it deserves a deep cleaning more often? Know that you should do it every 4 months, approximately.

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