How often should I change the sheets and towels?

How often should I change the sheets and towels?

The eternal question whose answer changes depending on the house you go to. How often should I change the sheets and towels? We are aware that it is one of the laziest domestic tasks, but if you do not maintain correct cleaning patterns, your health and rest can be noticed. Do you meet the requirements?

How often should I change the sheets?

They are so white that it seems that they are not dirty, right? MISTAKE. In your sheets there may be dead skin, fungi, bacteria, mites and, what scarier, traces of fecal matter is. But it is also common for there to be makeup, creams, hair, pollen, dandruff… Well, the right thing to do would be to change the sheets every week. Every 7 days is the minimum frequency that experts contemplate and it is a habit that should be watched even more in summer due to the sweat that can accumulate.

If you want to ensure that the washing is optimal, wash the sheets at a very high temperature and dry them in the sun. So that you never forget, make it a habit and set a time and day of the week to do it.   

If you have pets at home that have gotten into the habit of climbing on your bed, you should take this into account when changing the sheets. There are studies that advise against sharing a bed with dogs, because the quality of rest worsens. But if despite everything you can’t avoid hugging him, you should keep in mind that he may not be completely clean after that walk in the park and may leave traces of slime and other types of bodily secretions.

How often do I have to change the towels?

You use the towels to dry yourself when you get out of the shower or wash your hands, that is, when you are completely clean, so they cannot be very dirty. FAKE. According to experts, the ideal would be to change the towels every 3 or 4 uses to prevent bacteria from roaming freely. If you use the towels after exercising, washing will have to be even more frequent.

If a towel smells funny, something is wrong. It may be accumulating bacteria, plus the fungi may have found the perfect place to start a settlement. Make sure the towels dry well after use (put them on a radiator or a clothesline). In addition, it is recommended that each person in the house has their own towel.