How to avoid robberies: more security in our house

How to avoid robberies: more security in our house

Avoiding robberies can be summed up by preventing lovers of what is foreign from entering our house and mainly during the hours when we sleep or are not there . We will see where to act and how.

The door

– The armored doors that we usually have in houses provide good security. But we must always remember that it is basic to close the lock with all the turns. If we just let the door slip, with a simple x-ray it can be opened.
– It does not hurt to have two locks on the door. A thief will always prefer a simpler door.
– The lighting of the hall or of an adjoining room can be linked to the opening of the door (as occurs in refrigerators). The intruder will see it more complicated if he believes that someone may be at home.
– Without a doubt, the peephole or a chain will give us room to identify someone who calls and with few tools we can install them.


– It is a simpler access than it seems. Even in summer we must be careful if from the roof or climbing they can reach the window. If we want to leave it open, by lowering the blind we make sure that the intruder must make too much noise to enter.
– The self- locking shutters prevent access from being easily forced. In attics or ground floors they are highly recommended. The other option is the traditional grille.


– It is a booming business that gives us many alternatives. We must assess whether it will be a sufficient deterrent for the thief and whether its cost is admissible. For this we must analyze the different levels of security that exist.


– They are the last barrier, because we will already have the thief at home. It is best to have two. One would be “sacrifice”, placed in a hidden but predictable place in some way and would be the bait for the crooks to be satisfied, so you don’t have to go crazy with its installation. While another, more hidden, would keep what is really important in a safe place.


Although it may seem incredible, the best security method is to follow certain rules of behavior that should be part of common sense.
– Do not make it clear that we are not at home. The mail should not pile up in the mailbox, the blinds should not be left down,…
– Have neighbors and know who they are. The next door , without the need for great friendships, is the best insurance for our house just as we are for our neighbor.

And if there is no other choice, let us remember that many insurances such as home insurance, or many credit cards, have coverage against theft. Although we recognize that it is best not to know if we have that coverage.

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