How to be a perfect hostess for unexpected guests

How to be a perfect hostess for unexpected guests

Currently, there are many variants on the market, such as mattresses that inflate, roll up and store, rolling beds that slide on top of other beds, etc.

Inflatable beds , in particular, are a very popular alternative to the reviled sofa beds with the old folding system. Since a factory in the United States began its mass marketing in 1989, this type of mattress has changed its image as an exclusive accessory for camping and camping.

This type of bed is available in two-seater, ‘king size’, and individual sizes (for adults and children). Air mattresses are made of thick PVC with a pump system to inflate it (with power or rechargeable battery). A basic model inflates in 3 minutes and deflates even faster.

The firmness can be adjusted with a control button and after deflation it can be folded to carry even in a backpack. All models come with a basic repair kit (by patching) and a one year warranty.

Millions of these beds have been sold worldwide. Some hotels use them more than any other. One located in Aspen is known to have 9 of them for peak season times when thousands of business travelers and tourists flock here.

But this is not the only solution to solve the excess of guests. Traditional furniture that can be placed in small spaces is still a good option.

If you can’t afford to invest in a sofa bed, there are some folding chairs that are an acceptable solution.. Another option is the bed on wheels, which slides under another fixed bed when not in use.

This is an ancient design, but it is still widely used today. In general, both are sold (the sliding one and the fixed one) but it is also possible to buy it separately in case you can accommodate it to another one that you already have in your house.

Where to host them

Once you know how many people will sleep at home, you should start thinking about where in the house they will sleep.

Do not rule out non-traditional places. Think of the living room, moving some furniture and creating a good space for the kids to sleep. And if there are many people, it is not a bad idea to cover the dining room with sleeping bags, and let the children feel like they are in a family camp.

It’s also not a bad idea to buy cheap quilts and fold them in half and then sew them together, improvising sleeping bags for the kids.

Decorate the room with objects that give the feeling of being in a real bedroom even if it is known that it is not. Some flowers, a phone, books, stationery and nightstands can make the stay of your relatives or friends more comfortable.

There are also many marriages that feel happier leaving their place to their guests. But whatever option you choose, the important thing is to feel comfortable yourself and not force a coexistence where your guests -and yourself- do not feel comfortable.