How to complete the Halloween party for a perfect night? 

How to complete the Halloween party for a perfect night?

The decoration is one of the most important things for the night of October 31. In fact, it is essential. However, there are other types of things to take into account so that the party is round. 

Your costume. Although everyone comes in costume, your costume should be almost as elaborate as your party, so forget about throwing on a torn sheet or t-shirt and go for a great Halloween look .

The food. It does not matter if you put snacks such as potatoes, olives and other foods that are usually present at a party, but there must be one or two dishes set for Halloween. For example, a pumpkin-shaped cake, terrifying mini pizzas or mummies made with sausages and puff pastry. There are plenty of recipes to choose from that won’t take long!

The scares. You will succeed if, in the middle of the party, you have prepared a scare or a little joke that nobody expects.

The invitations. We know that WhatsApp is the most effective way to invite people to a party, but what if you create an invitation according to the day? That it be dark and, above all, that it put how you have to come dressed. 

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