How to decorate the altar of the Virgin of Guadalupe: decoration and elements

How to decorate the altar of the Virgin of Guadalupe: decoration and elements

The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe is approaching, so it is important to prepare the altar for her worship and request. Most of the Mexican families devoted to the Virgin of Guadalupe make their altar close to the dates of this festivity.(December 12) so special in Mexico. Prayers to the Virgin of Guadalupe are made on that altar during the days prior to the big day, and even on the same day, even if you have gone to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the Tepeyac hill —where the original image is found— or to the thousands of parishes dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe throughout Mexico. After all, she is the patron saint of the country, so the least any Mexican can do is offer her a special tribute with a beautiful altar. We tell you how to decorate the altar of the Virgin of Guadalupe. These are its different elements and so you can decorate them.

Altars for the Virgin of Guadalupe: how to decorate them? 

So that your altar for the Virgin of Guadalupe does not lack anything, take note of each of the elements that it must have.

The image of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Of course, the main thing that cannot be missing is the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It can be a figure or the representation of the original painting. Even if you have several images you can put them all on the altar, always putting the largest one in the center and the rest on the sides.

The colors of the Mexican flag

As you know, Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico, so Mexican altars to the Virgin cannot miss the colors of the flag: green, white and red . They are usually done with balloons, with paper flowers, or even with curtains at the back of the altar (a central white curtain and two gathered on the sides, one red and one green). Of course, there are those who like to put a Mexican flag next to the Virgin.


An altar without flowers is not a Mexican altar and, of course, the Virgin must be brought with flowers, the more the better. Use the flowers that you like the most: calla lilies, roses, daisies … You can opt for compositions of colored flowers or take advantage of their colors to remember the colors of the Mexican flag. In addition, since Christmas is approaching, you can put Christmas Eve flowers, which are originally from Mexico. Put flowers on the Virgin, on the sides and at the base of the altar. It will be impressive!

Lights to adorn the Virgin of Guadalupe

Add a little joy to your altar of the Virgin of Guadalupe with white or colored lights. The Mexican tradition of decorating altars with colored lights is done even inside the churches and parishes dedicated to the Virgin, so in your house you will not be less. The lights are usually placed from top to bottom of the altar, although some fill it completely with lights.

Representation of the scene of Juan Diego and the Virgin

In the Churches to the Virgin there are always great representations of the scene when the Virgin appears to Juan Diego. This year you can also do it on your altar. You only need a figure of Juan Diego and that of the Virgin and create a natural setting around it with moss, making a river that flows nearby, the mountains… Use your skill and imagination.

Natural motifs

Something that remains precious to adorn the altar of the Virgin of Guadalupe is to use images of natural motifs such as animals and plants as a representation of the work of God. If you add butterflies and hummingbirds to your altar, it will be incredible.

Altar for the Virgin of Guadalupe of colors

Any altar of the Virgin has many colors, but those of the flag usually predominate. However, there are those who prefer to make the altar with a multitude of colors, bright and striking colors that are very Mexican: Mexican pink, intense blue, green, yellow, orange. For this type of altar, handcrafted representations of the Virgin, which are usually decorated with many colors, look very good.

With these elements and your creative ability you will make a beautiful altar for the Virgin of Guadalupe. They say she is the most miraculous, so she will surely appreciate your effort to honor her.

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