How to hang each type of clothes so you don’t have to iron (NEVER again)

How to hang each type of clothes so you don't have to iron (NEVER again)

Ironing is a horror, we all know it. A pile of clothes that waits for you on the ironing board and that forces you to spend a long time removing the hateful wrinkles from each garment. That’s not to mention the times you’re in a hurry and when you go to pick up that blouse that you like so much, you realize that it’s so wrinkled that it’s impossible to put on. And, of course, you waste time looking for a spare look.

Calm down, we who think of everything, have found the perfect solution. We are going to tell you how to hang each type of clothes and never have to iron again in your life… Don’t you believe us? Read the following tips carefully and you will see how easy it is. 

Recommendations not to iron all types of garments

First of all, we are going to see three basic recommendations that will be useful for all types of clothes before we see in detail how to lay out each specific garment, whether they are dresses, pants, or shirts. Here are the recommendations that you should keep in mind when you go to do the laundry: 

The clothes have to be hung just when the washing machine finishes. It is the first rule to prevent it from wrinkling inside the washing machine.

Once you take it out, you stretch it well, that is, you shake it. You will see that the wrinkles are smoothed as if by magic.

And third and most important, everything that can be hung on hangers is going to hang on hangers.

It is now the turn of the specifications for each group of clothes . Let’s see them!

Tips to properly hang clothes and forget about the iron

How to hang shirts and blouses so they don’t get wrinkled

The washing machine program has already finished so you take out your shirts , shake them well, put each one on its hanger just as you do when you store them in the closet and let them dry, if possible, in the open air. A trick that never fails is to fasten the buttons of the shirts, it is perfect for them to take the right shape. For blouses, follow the same steps and add picking them up from the clothesline once they are dry, don’t leave them too long because they can become stiff. 

Long pants and shorts, how do I hang them?

In the case of pants (whether long or short) the hanger trick will not work for you. Therefore, you will have to use the usual clothespins. To prevent them from making a mark, place the dart right at the waist or in a seam, the less darts you need, the better. 

The trick so that your dresses and skirts are not wrinkled

If the dresses have wide straps, you can use the same technique that we have said with the shirts: you shake them and put them on the hanger. But if this is not possible, get some hangers that have built-in darts and hold your dress by a seam in such a way that it is well stretched and without the risk of marking the dart on the fabric.

As for the skirts , everything will depend on the model you have in your wardrobe. If it is long, you will have to lay it down with the same technique that we have explained to you about the pants. But, if it is short, you can use the same clip hanger as with the dresses. 

And to never have to iron your sweaters again…

So that your sweaters do not wrinkle too much, we recommend that you lay them flat on a flat surface and, when you see that they have dried on one side, put them on the other. We know that it is not very practical because of the space it occupies, but it is very successful because you will not have to iron them and also they will not give you the weight of the water