How to heat the house without heating

How to heat the house without heating

Recently we received the news that there are many families that this winter cannot turn on the heating to warm their houses due to the economic problems derived from the crisis. It is still alarming, because depending on the geographical area where you live, having heating at home should not be a luxury, but rather a basic necessity. But since we live in a world where there are people who do not even have the right to basic services , we will have to look for other alternatives so as not to be cold this winter.

In the warmth of home

It is true that there is nothing more comforting to combat the cold than having a cup of hot coffee next to the fireplace. But it’s unlikely they’ll let you install a wood-burning fireplace in your apartment, so we’ve come up with a few tricks to help you get through the winter without turning on the heat.

Although it seems incredible, the decoration can help you achieve a warmer home and cope with the cold winter. It seems that perceiving a cozy atmosphere reduces the feeling of cold, try to make your sofa blankets red or orange to enhance warmth. Carpets are also a good resource against cold feet, as well as fur cushions.

But to get the decoration to make your home a warmer house, you will have to help with some habits to keep yourself warm. The clothes you wear at home will be essential for you to feel better, so choose warm pajamas and comfortable slippers. Keep in mind that the bed in winter requires different sheets than in summer and we already know that flannel fabric is not the sexiest thing in the world, but it is your ally against the cold, so don’t hold back.

Save on heating

If you are in an economic situation in which you time the time you turn on the heating, surely you cannot afford to condition your house to save money either . Because the ideal thing is that your house has adequate insulation with windows that do not let the heat escape, but if we cannot put the heating on, much less we will be able to make reforms .

In any case, try to take advantage of natural resources to heat the house. Raise the blinds and open the curtains in sunny moments so that the house warms up, but just as important is to close them in the late afternoon when it starts to cool down. And oddly enough, candles are not only for romantic moments, they also warm the atmosphere in your home.

In addition to these homemade tricks to keep your house warmer without having to heat too much, remember that food is an important source of energy and heat. Grandma’s stews were not her hobbies, they were necessary to keep her body warm, so she looks for some traditional recipes for this winter. And don’t forget, that for the worst moments there is something that never fails: human warmth.

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