How to insulate our house from the cold

How to insulate our house from the cold

A comprehensive reform would greatly increase the insulation of our walls, windows, ceilings, floors, but what we are going to try is to give you simple clues that allow us to improve insulation and save day by day, without needing a reform.

Where does the heat escape in our house?

Being warmer in winter undoubtedly requires providing heat to our home, and we will leave that to the heating systems, whether they are fireplaces, radiators or underfloor heating. Each of these systems would deserve a separate treatment from a decorative point of view; now we will focus on the second strategy that will bring us closer to a warm winter: making the most of the heat we already have. Heat leaks from our house are mainly produced by windows, walls and ceilings, so techniques to improve their insulation are crucial.

Tips to keep the house warm in winter

– Windows are weak points in the insulation, but they also allow the sun to enter. If we are going to be at home and the day is sunny, the ideal is to allow the sun’s rays to collaborate in heating the house. If our working day takes us out of the house at dawn, to return us at nightfall, we must leave the blinds down and the curtains or blinds closed to avoid heat loss during the day as much as possible. But remember that if you have indoor plants they also need light, so you can leave them in a specific room that we will use so that the sun reaches them.

– Sometimes in winter we are forced to dry part of the laundry inside the house. This means that much of the heat from the heating is used to dry the clothes. We have to try to dry the clothes in a single room, which is ventilated and as independent as possible from the rest of the house. If we have to improvise a clothesline at home, a bathroom, where we can ventilate with a window, is ideal. Oh and never leave clothes directly on a radiator, we are preventing it from heating properly.

– The heaters are designed to heat rooms, not to heat the whole house. That is why if we are going to be at work for a good part of the day, the ideal is to close the doors of the rooms to allow the heat to remain in the right place.

– Cold is a sensation and it is influenced by both the temperature of the environment and many other things. For example, fabric -lined walls, cushions, padded armchairs, blankets, rugs and blinds, all in warm colors, reduce the feeling of cold. A minimalist decoration, with smooth metallic surfaces, leather armchairs, cement, is less comfortable in winter.

A good idea that sums up all of the above: take advantage of the change of wardrobe when winter arrives to make a change of decoration that helps us enjoy the cold.

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