How to keep the house clean without dying trying

How to keep the house clean without dying trying

If there is any thankless task in the house, it is cleaning. And it is that we can do everything possible to have a clean house that only with time we will see how our work is ruined. We are going to give you some tricks and strategies so that, with the help of the right products, our task is easier and more durable, and thus better clean the house.

Cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms

– Whether it’s the bathtub, the sink, the bidet, any sanitary device, the best idea is always to leave it as it was after using it. This way we will avoid fences, mold or stains. Cleaning is everyone’s business!

– The porcelain of bathtubs, sinks and toilets recovers a good part of its splendor if we fill the toilets with water, pour bleach and let it spend the night like that, it will be easy to wipe it down with a cloth in the morning and see them reborn.
– If we use the extractor hood, a good part of the fat that comes off when cooking will go up the chimney. If we don’t, it will end up on our walls.
– To improve the operation of the hood, we must clean the filters every two months.
– Stains on the fridge are terribly uncomfortable. To avoid them, it is important that we defrost the food placed inside a container to prevent defrosting from leaving marks on the refrigerator trays.

Floor cleaning

– Floating parquets should not get wet or treated with aggressive cleaners as they are very damaged. Better than a vacuum cleaner is to use wet mops. Especially on synthetic floors that can attract dust with static electricity.

– To avoid dirt at home it is vital to change our shoes when entering the house. If we can’t turn our land into the street.
– The lighter woods (beech, maple, oak,…) on the floors are more suffered and do not exaggerate any speck of dust like dark woods (wenge, jatoba, merbau,…).
– Someone might think that the rugs avoid staining the floor, but they only hide the dirt better. Thinking cleanliness is more of a burden than an asset.

Cleaning furniture, mirrors, glass,…

– It seems obvious, but it is good to remember that we must clean the furniture from top to bottom , because otherwise when cleaning the last upper shelves we will dirty what we cleaned before.

– On countertops, mirrors or glass it is essential to leave the surface dry after cleaning, otherwise the frames are guaranteed.

But above all, remember that cleaning is as much as not staining and that both things are the task of everyone who lives at home. That way it will cost us less, although honestly from there to make it fun for us we still have left.

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