How to know if food is spoiled

How to know if a food is spoiled

You come back from vacation and when you open the fridge you realize that you had left an egg, a container of york ham, a yoghurt… Will they have spoiled during these days? Don’t play it! We tell you how to know if a food is in poor condition without endangering your health. The goal is to avoid a good bellyache . Take note!

Tricks to know if a food is in bad condition

How to know if the eggs are bad

Always happens; there is always a lonely egg left in the fridge , but will it still be good? There are several methods and conditions that must be taken into account to know if the egg has not spoiled.

To know if the egg is okay, put it in a container with water. The deeper the egg sinks, the fresher it is, so if it floats you’d better be careful handling it.

If the shell is cracked or dirty, there is a high chance that the inside is contaminated. Also, if the egg white is not transparent or has spots, it is a bad sign.

Hold the egg up to the light and, while shaking it in a circle, observe what happens inside. If it’s okay, the yolk will stay in the center. It will also help you to listen to the sound it makes when you move it: if it sounds like liquid, drop the egg.

If the egg smells funny , don’t eat it.

How to know if York ham is in bad condition

If you open the fridge and see that the package of cold cuts (either turkey or pork) is swollen, do not trust it. The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) warns that, despite the fact that the preferred consumption date has not yet passed, something may not be going well inside the container. It is possible that due to a failure in the cold chain or another type of alteration, the bacteria inside have increased. Therefore, it is better not to tempt fate and throw away the container.

How to know if a can of preserves is in bad condition

If a can is bulging, it is possible that there was a problem during handling, transport or storage. Inspect the can well and watch for small holes or rust. If when tasting the content you notice an unpleasant taste, do not continue eating.

How to know if the milk is bad

Spoiled milk can cause various problems, including poisoning. To know if the milk is okay, it should not have any strong or strange smell. Also pay attention to the color, which has a yellowish or dark tone; and the consistency, which should not be pasty or look like yogurt. If it has lumps or changes its texture when heated, you should not take it.

How to know if a yogurt is bad

When a yogurt has a small hole in the container or the lid has been opened a bit, the inside could be contaminated. You will know it by its strong smell and acid or bitter taste. It is recommended that you throw it away if it has expelled a large amount of liquid or if it has mold.  

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