How to paint a small house

How to paint a small house

Small houses are part of our domestic scene by choice, by necessity, for a time or forever. A setting that with its colors, its appearance, its shape, its textures, its light , will end up defining us as much as our clothes.

There are different tricks to make our small house look bigger. You can play with the furniture, the fabrics , the light or the arrangement of the elements of the house. In this case, we will cover some useful ideas on how to use colors to decorate small houses, which will allow our house to appear larger and come alive.

It is a series of tips for our house to harmonize with our furniture, its orientation or simply with ourselves, while visually appearing larger. Our house will fit us like a glove.

Ideas to use colors in small houses

In general, we must understand that light expands volumes, so we must take advantage of light colors to prevent small spaces from appearing so. We can follow these simple tricks to make our house look bigger using colors :

-The bright and satin colors visually expand the rooms.

-Wallpaper or vinyl with vertical stripes helps to raise low ceilings, providing us with more comfortable rooms.

-Black and white are safe bets of elegance, but the size of the spaces decreases if we abuse black. It is better to use it in furniture or accessories, such as cushions, lamps, tables…

-Brick walls in small houses make the room smaller, but if we want to take advantage of the space and the texture of the brick, we can use glazes to give the wall a clear finish.

-A room with balanced proportions gains in amplitude if we treat one of the walls differently, painting it with warm colors or placing patterned wallpaper.

-A space painted only with warm colors makes the room seem smaller. It is better to balance it with some white surface.

-The doors of small bathrooms can be treated as one more wall. Lacquering a wooden door in a toilet in white allows us to increase its space.

-Use furniture in neutral colors (all the gray scale, from white to black) avoid further reducing small spaces.

-A narrow corridor widens if we paint the skirting board in the same color as the wall.

How we see color allows us to act on perception and it does so in a simple, impressive and economical way . We can play in numerous ways to achieve the desired effects, that is, the important thing is to be clear about the objective and always evaluate different options.

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