How to remove bleach stains on black clothes and white clothes

How to remove bleach stains on black clothes and white clothes

What do I do when bleach spills on my clothes? That is the question that we have all asked ourselves on more than one occasion. And it is that, no matter how careful you are, in the end a drop of bleach manages to reach the clothes making a complete mess. We help you with some remedies to know how to remove bleach stains, both on black clothes and on white clothes . It will work! 

Home remedies to remove bleach stains from clothes

The first thing you have to do is distinguish the two types of bleach stains that can exist, that is, those that are made on colored clothes, or on white clothes. 

1 Bleach stains on colored clothes 

You’re doing laundry, you need to use bleach, and you accidentally spill some of it on the colored garment next to you. The result? A part of the color of the pants that you wear so much has been erased, giving way to a whitish stain. 

2 bleach stains on white clothes 

The other option that we are going to try to solve is the yellowish stains that remain on white clothes when you have used too much bleach or because the clothes start to deteriorate. The fact is that the bleach does not do its job well and instead of cleaning the clothes , it leaves them with an unpleasant yellow stain.

Bleach stains on colored clothes, what can I do?

Bleach discolors the fabric, that is, it causes the color of the clothing to fade, leaving an ugly stain. If you just spilled bleach on your garment, wash it as soon as possible. The reason is that it takes time to take effect and you may be able to erase the stain without further ado .

If not, you should know that in these cases the solution, even if you don’t believe it, is to dye the garment so that it recovers its color . If, for example, you have a red sweater with a white fade on the sleeve from bleach, the only thing that will keep you from having to throw it away is if you use clothing dye.

The problem is to find the same color to make it look good. If you are an expert in this matter of shades, it will not cost you much, but if this is not your case, try to look closely when you go to buy the dye to find the same one or at least one very similar. Another option that never fails is to dye the entire garment , it will look like new!

How to remove bleach stains from white clothes

For bleach stains on white clothes, those that take on an unpleasant yellowish appearance, we have these practical and effective home remedies:

Bleach to remove bleach stains

To save your white clothes you can use a quality bleach, one of those that you can find in any market. Do it by following the instructions that you will find in the product to the letter. Once you have washed the garment, let it dry in the open air. 

If the yellow stain has not completely come out, you will have to repeat all the steps from the beginning. If you are not entirely convinced by commercial bleach, you can use a few drops of hydrogen peroxide instead and add a dash of vinegar . Put the mixture directly on the stain to be treated, and the stain will surely disappear. 

Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is, without a doubt, the great ally to fix any disaster when white clothes are stained with bleach. It is excellent for removing yellow stains from your favorite clothes, so we recommend its use when necessary. 

You must apply the baking soda directly on the stain to be treated, and help yourself with a soft brush to spread it very carefully. Let it act for at least 20 minutes to ensure its results. Then wash in the washing machine on the appropriate program.