How to remove ice cream stains from clothes: forget about them!

How to remove ice cream stains from clothes: forget about them!

It is to think of sunny days and the rich flavored ice cream comes to mind. But of course, it is thinking about ice cream and it is also thinking about the stains that more than once leave us on our clothes. And it is that, no matter how careful we are, it would not be the first time that enjoying a strawberry or chocolate ice cream with your friends, you get a little on your clothes and end up making a complete mess.

Quiet! We have the solution you are looking for. We bring you the best tricks and home remedies to know how to remove ice cream stains from clothes and forget about them once and for all. Take note that we started! 

Remedies to remove ice cream stains from your favorite clothes

It is enough for a piece of clothing to get stained for you to realize how much love you have for it, right? It has happened to all of us that we are having delicious ice cream in the best company and, due to carelessness, let it spill on the blouse or the pants… It has a solution! Check out these tips and you will get rid of doubts once and for all.

If you’re not home but you have a bathroom nearby…

At this point, the question is to try to prevent the stain from penetrating too much and from drying out, especially if it is the stain left by a chocolate ice cream. To clean up the mess as quickly as possible, run to the nearest bathroom and wipe off excess ice cream with paper towels. Of course, do it without rubbing if you do not want to spread the stain. 

Next, put a little hand soap on the stain, spread it with your fingers and leave it to act for a few seconds before removing the remains with paper. Do not wet the garment since you have to go home with it, or do it only a little if it is the middle of summer, it will dry quickly. Once you get home, wash in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry. You will see that your garment is like new.

Liquid soap to remove dried ice cream stains

If you’re not home and you don’t have a bathroom nearby, the ice cream stain will most likely be completely dry by the time you get home. So to solve it, wet the garment and put a little of the liquid detergent you use for the washing machine or hand soap, both are equally effective.

Rub carefully, wash under the tap, check that the stain has been almost completely removed and finish washing in the washing machine along with the rest of the laundry. Use hot or cold water as directed by the clothing tag.

What if the ice cream was dark chocolate?

Chocolate ice cream stains are hands down the worst. Also, if the stain has dried, it will be much harder to get rid of. For this reason, we recommend that you mix two glasses of warm water, a tablespoon of ammonia and another of burning alcohol in a bowl. 

Then you must submerge the garment to be treated in the mixture that you have prepared and let it act for at least 20 minutes. When that time has elapsed, rinse with warm water and finish washing in the washing machine as in the previous example. Problem solved! 

Baking soda to remove tough ice cream stains

Did you know that baking soda is an excellent stain remover? Even more so when it comes to difficult stains. Prepare a mixture of three quarters of water for one of baking soda, submerge the clothes that have been stained with ice cream in this mixture, let it act for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of water before washing in the washing machine. If possible, let it dry in the sun.

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