How to remove oil or grease stains from clothes in a matter of minutes

How to remove oil or grease stains from clothes in a matter of minutes

We have all ended up with a horrible oil or grease stain on our clothes more than once. And it is that, no matter how careful we are, it would not be the first time that when we add oil to that delicious salad, more than a drop ends up on our favorite blouse. That’s not to mention when you’re at the restaurant and someone accidentally spills their food on you. 

Do not panic! We have chosen some of the best home remedies to know how to remove oil and grease stains from clothes in a matter of minutes in a simple, effective way that you can do yourself at any time of the day. Shall we start? Look look! 

Guidelines to keep in mind for your oil-stained clothes

First of all tell you not to be scared, it happens to all of us more than once that our clothes, especially the favorite ones, get stained with grease. Yes, it is true that grease or oil stains are the most difficult to remove , but thanks to these tips you will see that the mess can be fixed . Before getting into the matter, let’s see these recommendations to take into account.

Read the label of the garment well to know the fabric, not all remedies are valid for all clothes.

In turn, you have to read the instructions of the degreasing product that you are going to use to do it the right way.

 Do not add water directly on the stain without first applying a grease remover product.

If the oil stain is abundant, the one that usually leaves the oil when you are in the kitchen making food, put a little kitchen paper to absorb as much as possible.

Never put untreated stained clothes in the washing machine first, it will only make an even bigger mess .

Tricks to remove oil and grease stains from clothes

Now yes, once you have reviewed the previous tips, it is time to get down to business. Here are the best home remedies to get grease and oil stains out of clothes. Remember to choose one or the other depending on the fabric of the garment to be treated.

Laundry detergent, your great ally 

This trick is effective, and it works like a charm with clothes of all kinds of fabric. The first thing you should do is moisten the garment you need to fix with a little warm water. Then, put a little detergent that you use to do laundry directly on the stain and let it act for a few moments to rub gently. 

If the stain had already dried, you can help yourself with a brush to make it easier to remove. Now all you have to do is rinse with plenty of warm water and wash in the washing machine as you always do. If you can, let it dry in the sun. 

To save a garment that has been stained and you can’t wait to get home to wash it with detergent, use hand soap instead , it will prevent the oil from becoming more resistant. Once you get home, assess whether it is necessary to follow the steps that we have told you about using the laundry detergent.

Talcum powder to remove oil and grease stains from clothes

This remedy is ideal for delicate garments. Imagine that you are in the kitchen and the oil has jumped on your silk blouse, leaving a good grease stain. The first thing you have to do is help yourself with kitchen paper to remove the excess, and then spread a generous layer of talcum powder. Let it act for 5 minutes, and remove the talcum powder with a spoon without scraping too much. 

All that remains is to put a little liquid detergent and wash in the washing machine. If you see that there is still too much oil on your shirt, be careful not to put delicate clothes in that laundry to prevent the grease from reaching it. An extra tip: if you have run out of talcum powder, make your own. Mix with cornstarch absorbents and salt and your clothes will be as good as new. 

Stain remover or degreaser, it works!

Surely you have at home a stain remover spray or a degreaser that you use to clean the kitchen. You should know that both are ideal for removing oil or grease stains from clothing. Of course, to do so you have to follow the steps very well: first you must moisten the garment to be treated a little and apply the spray or stain remover on the area stained with grease. 

On the other hand, while you let the stain remover do its job, put some water to boil and prepare a basin. The next step is to put the water that you have boiled in the basin and submerge the garment there. Once the water has cooled down, remove the clothes, rinse with lukewarm water and wash in the washing machine on the appropriate programmer. Problem solved!

Use baking soda

How many uses does baking soda have? The truth is that he has a lot! To all of them, we must add the ability to remove oil stains from clothing. To do this we have to do the following: put some absorbent paper on the oil, then remove the paper and spread a good amount of baking soda with the help of a spoon. Let it take effect for a few minutes and then add a little of the liquid detergent that you use to do your usual laundry.

Wash in hot or lukewarm water, put in the washing machine and let air dry. You will see how well your favorite shirt has turned out after putting into practice the remedy that we have just told you about. If it is your jeans that need a solution to remove grease or oil stains, try baking soda as we have told you, but instead of putting liquid laundry detergent add the juice of half a lemon and continue with the following steps.

Remove stains from clothes with alcohol

The 90-degree alcohol that we all have at home is also used to remove stains from this type of conventional fabric. To use this home trick well, you must apply a few drops of alcohol on the stain to be treated and let it sit for at least two minutes. 

After this time, you will have to soak the garment in question with a little water and a pinch of hand soap or laundry detergent and you will have to let it sit again for about ten minutes. Afterwards, wash the clothes by hand with lukewarm water and gently rub to remove all the dirt. If you see that there are still remains of the stain, you will have to repeat the process from the beginning. The last step is to wash the garment with the rest of the laundry and let it dry completely in the sun.

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