How to remove stains from clothes: paint, tomato, grass…

How to remove stains from clothes: paint, tomato, grass...

Have you ever had one of your favorite clothes stained? It is a horror! It is normal for you to panic, and think that you will never ever be able to wear that shirt or those pants. But all is not lost! You can also stop complaining, and look for a solution, don’t you think?

Paint stains, tomato stains, grass stains, pen stains, coffee stains… Regardless of the stain you have made, or the one that someone of yours has made, or even the smallest of the house, there is a perfect remedy for you.

How to save your clothes from hateful stains? Very easy! We help you with some effective tricks to remove stains from clothes and definitely forget about them. Take note because they sure work!

Tips before removing stains from your clothes

Before starting to eliminate all types of stains that may exist, you should take into account some tips or indications to carry out all types of processes . Very attentive because they are necessary!

– Carefully read the label of the garment that has been stained. In this way, you will be able to know first-hand which are the products that you cannot use under any circumstances, or the temperature at which you should wash it.

– Do not put the stained garments directly into the washing machine, because the stains will not be removed. The best thing is that you carry out some of the procedures that can be elaborated for it, and then wash the garment as you normally do.

– It is better for some clothes to dry in the open air, instead of in the dryer. The stains will be completely removed, and you will not have to wash the piece again.

– Identify if it is a recent stain or a dry stain. The former can be removed with a little water, while for the latter you will have to use a more complex process. 

– Also read the labels of the products, since in some of them it will say exactly how to wash a garment. In addition, in many they will tell you how you should protect your hands or your sense of smell if they are too toxic.

Remove stains from faded clothing

Have you ever had your clothes fade in the washing machine? It’s usually a beginner’s mistake, but it can happen at any time if you don’t realize that a garment slips in that shouldn’t be washed with the others. For white clothes you can use hydrogen peroxide or bleach, but as a general rule you can use the same processes as for colored clothes.

You can put a mixture of water with salt, or a little baking soda, directly on the stain. Diluted ammonia will also be one of your great allies, although you must be a little careful. Put the clothes in water and cook some eggs while, or also use a little milk. Do they work!

Chocolate stains, how to remove them?

When you have just made the chocolate stain, it is easier to remove it, because you only have to put it under water for a little while. But if it is a dry stain, you should carefully scrape it off with the help of a knife. If it is a more stubborn stain, hydrogen peroxide will be your great ally.

– Stains on cotton clothing: this type of fabric is the easiest to treat. You just need a little water, hand soap or liquid detergent, and repeat the process by hand as many times as necessary.

– Stains on delicate clothing: for this type of clothing, it is best to use a mixture based on water, salt and ammonia. But, if you are shy about using ammonia, you can also use baking soda , super effective against stains.

Sweat stains on clothes

As it happens with many other types of stains, treating a sweat stain on clothing is totally different if it is colored garments, or white garments.

– In colored clothes : even if it sounds like a lie, in colored clothes you can use aspirin, toothpaste and even lemon to remove those stains. But you should also use the typical baking soda, salt or ammonia.

– In white clothes : in white clothes your great ally will be hydrogen peroxide, capable of whitening any fabric. Of course, do it with great care if you do not want your clothes to be damaged more than necessary. You can also use vinegar, lemon and liquid detergent.

Remove glue stains 

How to say goodbye to glue stains on your clothes ? It’s easier than you imagine! The only thing you have to have is a little lemon, or a little white vinegar , and put it directly on the stain. You can also use nail polish remover, better if it is without acetone.

But if your stain is from a stronger type of glue, for example DIY, it is best to put the garment in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Once the stain is frozen, you can remove it with one of the above processes.

Marker or pen stains

If you have just stained your garment with a pen or marker , it is best to remove the excess ink with a piece of paper and put the garment under water. You will see how well it comes out without the need for anything else!

However, if the stain has dried, it’s best to use warm water, soap, and ethyl alcohol. You can also use a little bit of hairspray or warm milk on the stain and rub it in to make it go away.

Remove grass stains from clothes

Grass stains are more than common in the smallest of the family, and sometimes removing them can cause a lot of headaches. One of the most effective home remedies for fresh stains is an alcohol and water solution, but you can also soak the garment in isopropyl alcohol.

As you may have already noticed, baking soda works for practically any stain. And the grass ones were not going to be less. But if you prefer to use a more natural product, do not hesitate to apply a little white vinegar. And ready!

Tips to remove paint stains

Before knowing how to remove paint stains from your clothes , it is necessary to identify the type of paint you have used for its correct removal.

– Water-based paint : these are the easiest stains to remove, and only with water and dishwasher detergent you can achieve it. Scrub the stain with a toothbrush, and the fabric will be as good as new!

– Oil-based paint : these types of stains are the most difficult to remove. The first thing you have to do is scrape the stain (if it’s dry) with a knife, and then help yourself with turpentine to remove it completely.

– Acrylic paint : it is the most used by children, and it is also easy to remove. You just have to get hold of isopropyl alcohol, or ammonia and vinegar , and you will forget about the stain forever.

Coffee or tea stains on your clothes

Your most conventional allies to remove this type of coffee or tea stains from clothes will be white vinegar, and the mixture of salt and lemon. You can also use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or dishwasher detergent.

But if you are not convinced by any of these procedures, you can try other products that you would never have imagined could help you in this task . Egg yolk, beer or even sparkling water are good for removing this type of stain. Test it!

Remove nail polish stains

Perhaps you are painting your nails, and do not realize that you are also painting your clothes. In these cases, the nail polish stains can be quite difficult to remove, but you can do it by following the indicated processes. You can use nail polish remover with acetone, or a little dry solvent.

You can also use an insect spray, which, as strange as it may seem, works perfectly. How about you try talcum powder? I’m sure the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Bleach stains on your favorite clothes

Bleach stains should also be treated differently if it is a colored garment, or a white piece. In any case, you should know that bleach can leave a whitish tone on your clothes, or a yellowish color if it is a white garment.

– On black clothes: one of the best solutions for bleach stains on colored clothes is to dye the stain the same color as the rest of the garment. But if you can’t find the right shade, you can also dye the entire garment. It will be perfect!

– On white clothes: the objective of removing the bleach stain on this type of garment is to restore the white they had. Therefore, use a good bleach on the stain: hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, baking soda…

How to remove betadine stains 

When you get a cut and you put a little bit of betadine on it, you have to be very careful not to stain your clothes. But if you have not been able to avoid disaster, use any of the following methods and your garments will shine like never before. How to remove a betadine stain from clothes? 

Ammonia is a great ally when it comes to removing these types of stains, but so is hydrogen peroxide. The anti-fat you have at home is ideal, without losing sight of burning alcohol. Any method will do.

remove red wine stains

Have you ever heard that the wine stain goes away with more wine? Well, you’re not on the wrong track! White wine will remove that hateful stain. Of course, never scrub if you don’t want your clothes to spoil more. We tell you how to remove red wine stains from clothes ! 

You can also use sparkling water, baking soda, white vinegar, milk or boiling water to say goodbye to red wine stains forever. Talcum powder and salt will be your great allies when you are away from home, and bleach is ideal for your white clothes.

Period blood stains

All women have suffered from it at some point, and it is normal that some piece of clothing has been stained with blood from the period . But it has a solution! The first thing you should do is soak the piece in question, and then apply your usual detergent, a little vinegar or even ammonia.

Baking soda, salt, and dishwashing soap also work quite well. Did you know that if you apply a little bit of toothpaste on the stain you will remove it? Try it and you will be delighted with the results!

Remove mud stains from your clothes

Has mud stained your clothes ? It is normal that if you have gone for a walk in the countryside, or if it has rained and you have splashed yourself with a puddle, your clothes have been stained. To solve the disaster, you should only have dishwasher detergent at home, or burning alcohol to pour on the garment if it is not a very delicate fabric.

The mixture of warm water, ammonia and vinegar is one of the simplest and most used for conventional fabric clothes. A curious trick? Use the yolk of the egg, a remedy that was already used in the past and that works like a charm.

Tricks to remove oil or grease stains

Oil or grease stains on clothing are more common than it seems. It is normal that at some time you have stained that beautiful shirt eating in a restaurant, or in your own house, and you want to eliminate that trace once and for all. We have the solutions you are looking for!

You can use what has become the perfect ally for stains: baking soda . But if you prefer, you can also use alcohol, liquid detergent or even talcum powder. How about using a stain remover spray? It can work too!

How to remove deodorant stains from your clothes

I’m sure it’s happened to you more than once: you’re in a hurry in the morning, you put on your deodorant and, without letting it dry, you put on your t-shirt or shirt. Horror! The piece of clothing has been stained with deodorant , and you think that you will never be able to remove that terrible stain… But you are wrong, there are tricks that will help you remove that stain once and for all .

On the one hand, you can use the perfect ally for any type of stain. Yes, we are talking about our beloved baking soda that has gotten you out of trouble more than once. But you can also use ammonia, lemon juice for newer stains, or vinegar. Sea salt is also a great ally for this type of stain, however it is a method that will take you a long time to carry out.

Removing jam stains from clothes

If you have ever gotten jam on one of those clothes that you like so much, you will think that there is no solution, but you are wrong! Removing jam stains from clothes is easier than you think, although if it has dried it will fall into the category of difficult . In these cases, the best thing you can do is help yourself with products such as liquid laundry detergent, a mixture of baking soda and water, or even a grease remover spray that you can find in any store.

What about those stains that are recent? They are much simpler, because all you have to do is remove the excess jam with the help of a spoon and be very careful not to damage the garment. Then, moisten the stain with a little water and put lemon juice directly on it. Let it act, and wash in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry. That easy!

Tips to remove makeup stains from clothes 

One of the stains that more women have on their clothes is, without a doubt, makeup. A make-up stain can occur at any time of the day, but you should not worry too much about removing it since its solution is perhaps the simplest of all. Of course, the first thing you have to do is identify what product has stained your clothes : eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipstick, make-up base…

Depending on the product in question, you will be able to remove makeup stains from clothes in the best possible way. You can use liquid soap, white vinegar, a little laundry detergent… and even makeup remover wipes! 

Remove tomato stains from clothes

Have you ever stained your favorite tomato shirt ? If the answer is yes, you already know what you should never (under any circumstances) do: try to remove it with the help of a piece of paper or a napkin. However, so that this stain does not stay on your garment forever, there are some tricks that you must take into account. 

Mixing a little vinegar with water is one of those tricks that you can use to remove your stain forever, however you can also help yourself with baking soda, hand soap or dishwasher detergent. Is the garment white? You can use bleach or hydrogen peroxide, as long as it is without abusing it.  

Tricks to remove ice cream stains forever

With the arrival of good weather it is more than usual that you want to enjoy ice creams, but as you have already verified more than once, it is possible that they leave more than one stain on your clothes . What can you do in those cases? If it’s a fresh stain, it may come off easily with a little hand soap as long as you treat the piece gently. 

If, on the other hand, it is about removing much more complicated stains, such as dry ones or chocolate ice cream stains, aim! You can use baking soda, the great ally for all stains, or a mixture of water, ammonia and methylated spirits. It is easier than it seems to be! 

How to remove beet stains from your clothes

Beetroot can be a great ally in your kitchen, but if you like it, surely more than once a shirt or sweater has ended up with a huge stain that seems like it will never go away. How to remove beetroot stains from your clothes? It’s easier than you think! First of all, as soon as you get dirty, you should put the garment under a tap to prevent it from drying out. 

Then you have several options. You can either use the juice of half a lemon or let the garment air dry, or you can use a little methylated spirit if it is a leather garment. If we are talking about a delicate fabric, try carefully rubbing some coarse salt on the stain, it works!

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