How to wash your black clothes without damaging them

How to wash your black clothes without damaging them

Surely you have a black t-shirt or dress in your wardrobe that you love, but that you don’t wear because over time it has lost its tone and has become whitish. Garments of this color require specific care when washing them, but they are not very complex care, but you can easily incorporate them into your weekly laundry routineWe tell you.

10 tips to wash your black clothes without damaging them

Choose suitable detergents for your black clothes

Opt for detergents that do not contain bleach. Today there is a wide variety of supply on the market specifically for dark clothing. Opt for these types of brands that are more suited to the properties of dyes in dark clothing.

Wash black clothes in cold water.

The heat acts by gradually dissolving the colors, so it is best to program your washing machine to wash with a temperature not higher than 30 degrees.

Separate your black clothes from the white ones

To avoid scares, the ideal thing is that before doing the laundry you separate your dark clothes from the light ones. This way you will avoid unwanted fades. But it is also convenient that you separate the clothes by type of fabric, since, for example, it is not advisable to wash jeans with a silk tank top.

Water with vinegar for black clothes

A trick to fix the dark color in your black clothes is, before washing them for the first time, put them in a container with cold water and a cup of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar acts as a fixative and the dark garment will lose less color.

Wash clothes inside out

If dark clothing always loses some color in the end, it’s best to lose it on the side you don’t see, like the lining, rather than the right side. Also, if there is a zipper between the textile and your garment, the snag will not be visible if you wash inside out. You must also close zippers and Velcro for pure logic. You will avoid unwanted damage.

The sun, the great enemy of black

When you put black clothes to dry, avoid dryers because, as we have said, extreme heat damages the colors. Also avoid hanging them in places where they get a lot of sun because it will deteriorate the color. Ideally, you should hang your garments on hangers outside or spread them out on a flat surface (the latter is the best option for drying wool sweaters so they don’t stretch out).

Don’t over wash

Try not to wash black clothes too much. Wash them when they smell bad or have hard-to-remove stains. If you get stains from time to time, you can remove it with cold water and dishwashing detergent or with stain remover.

Look at the garment labels

It is very important that you read the labels of each garment before washing them to avoid possible unpleasantness. There are garments whose cleaning must be carried out dry and others that cannot be put in the washing machine and must be washed by hand. Respect the guidelines of the labels for a correct conservation of your garments.

Reverse iron

When ironing black clothes, turn them inside out or put a cloth on top. There are many fabrics that are damaged by the heat of the iron. Some balls come out, others stretch out, and others have unwanted shine… With responsible ironing, you won’t have this kind of problem.

Measure the detergent

Depending on the type of detergent you use, more or less of it will be necessary. Normally, on the back of the container, there are instructions for quantities depending on the garments to be washed. Stick to them and if your clothes are very dirty, add a little more. With this you will avoid leaving white lines on the black clothes. However, the ideal detergent format for washing dark clothes is liquid, better than powder.

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